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feel deep affection or sexual love for (someone).
"do you love me?"

Often times more than not, Raihan found himself wondering if he even knew what love was. Wether it was the little sparks whenever hands came into contact, sitting perfectly in his or if it were those times when he'd get lost staring at your face.

His actions for love weren't big, no not at all. They were small and delicate, almost unnoticeable to those who did not know him enough. From the way he'd look at you to the way he'd spoil you, compliments not even the rich could buy, the words flowing out of his lips and into your ears like smooth and rich dark chocolate.

Many would call him the dream man. A strong, tall, good looking male with a great personality. Though many weren't wrong, no one would see him how he would let you.

He would never show anyone else his flygon onesie, nor his large collection of limited edition gym trainer swapping cards.

He was a nerd. A dork if you will. And no one knew that but you, an honour to have.

Raihan had treated you like royalty, from showing you off in front of his fans to treating you to whatever you wanted to do at home.

His delicate flower, that's what he'd call you.

And to a queen, there's always a king.

Being the next in line for the spot of the fire type gym leader, you also got to spoil him both materialistic and emotionally. From surprise kisses after matches to running away together in general and having a picnic at a beach for the rest of the day.

The irresponsible duo. That's what others would call you.

Though personally you'd found Leon and you to be an even more reckless duo, you appreciated the fandom being so spontaneous about your relationship. At first you had grown worried, having been aware of Raihan's rather intense fan base for a while now, you had noticed how protective and just how in love some people were with the male. Not wanting to start any unnecessary drama or conflict, you had first decided against approaching the male in general, not wanting anything to do with him in fears of being the target of the terrifying fan girls. Alas, love has a very funny way of working out. Having found its way through the cracks of your built up wall between the male and yourself, creeping it's way silently and subconsciously to him where slowly but surely he began to accept and reciprocate the feelings unbeknownst to you.

You were both dense, as other gym leaders and friends would put it. Two yearning hearts that feared the fake promise of heartbreak. Though, turning away from one another would result in deeper heart ache rather than just taking the chance head on and accepting rejection if it came to it. Funnily enough, you both eventually got those feelings out. The words cascading out of your lips like the waterfalls that fell from your eyes, the male's cheeks reddening with each syllable that perfectly danced it's way out of your throat and through his ears where he showered in the feeling of pure ecstasy and relief. Relief that he wasn't going to be rejected. Relief that you too felt the same burning love that he did.

Though, the hardest part was still to come unbeknownst to both of you.

Fan girls work in many ways. Though miraculously, most of his fan base accepted your relationship, another part just didn't care, which you much rather preferred than getting hate. Sadly, there was still hate, but not as much as you had expected which you were great full for. Raihan and yourself continued on to become one of the best Pokémon couple out there and you both made sure that anyone that stood in your way knew that. From trainers to overly passionate fans that wanted to take one of you for themselves, you both battled through them together. A team. But sometimes teams have disagreements. Group work sometimes doesn't always work out. Sometimes one person wants a specific font on the title while another person wants a different one.

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