Chapter 22

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"Fuck this," I said irritatedly and pulled my fingers out of my panties.

Nothing. Not even a little buzz. I wasn't getting excited, I couldn't get myself off. All I could think about was what I told Lauren yesterday, how I had practically called her a rapist and blamed her for all my troubles. I knew that was a lie. Both of them. She never did anything to me I didn't secretly want. She knew that as well as I did.

But now, as I laid in the bed at 5.30 am in the morning, thinking about everything, I was ashamed of the things I'd said. I owed her an apology, but my damn pride couldn't get the words out. No, instead I was trying to masturbate because over the last few days we had been living together, Lauren had been a fucking tease and riled me up sexually. And then yesterday, before we got interrupted by Caleb, I had been so ready. So horny.

But today... today I couldn't even get myself off. Thinking of Lauren while I masturbated might've worked, but I felt wrong by doing so. I didn't deserve to think of her like that, not after practically calling her... well. So yeah, I would have to wait until we'd gotten to Italy. Maybe the sun and the wine would do something to my libido.

I showered and got ready, dressed in my usual tight pants and camisole. From the other side of the bedroom door, I could hear Lauren making ready as well, packing up her things. I sighed to myself one final time before I opened the door and walked out, finding her checking the wounds she had received during her escape from the CIA. It had been a few days, almost five, so some of the swelling had gone down. She still looked like a piñata, though.

"Are you set to go?" I asked, trying to keep my voice as neutral as possible. Lauren barely looked at me before she turned her eyes away again. Yeah, she was still mad at me.

We then took our things and headed out, having both received a message on our burner phone saying that a car was coming for us. As we stepped out onto the curb, a black Mercedes rolled up, one with toned windows. A driver opened the door for us and we silently stepped in, both on guard, just in case. Like me, Lauren had a hand on her gun as we got seated and clicked into our seatbelts. Then began the longest three hour drive.

We didn't speak a word to each other the whole time. I wanted to say something, but I just couldn't. I kept silently opening and closing my mouth, but one glance at Lauren and my throat dried up. I just had to have that meltdown...

After what seemed like forever of driving, we finally made it to a very remote landing strip. A single jet was standing by, the engine ready and running. Caleb was waiting by the foot of the stairs, waving at us as we pulled up. We both stepped out and greeted him, then got on board.

"Oh, and don't worry, Camila, I've made sure that Bob is being taken care off," Caleb assured me as we boarded. "I've got a friend who's going to pet him and keep his bowl as shiny as his scales."

"Thank you so much, Caleb. I really appreciate it."

"No problem," He grinned. "Oh man, I can't wait. I've never been to Italy. I really wish my girl could've come, too, but she agreed it would look too suspicious if she suddenly upped and went on vacation while her future baby daddy is missing. Are you guys ready for travel?"

Me and Lauren shared a brief look, but then both silently nodded. I couldn't help but notice that muscle in her jaw that kept working, accentuated every single contour of her neck and jawline. I hated it. It made her look ten times hotter than she already was.

We all got seated in the luxurious plane, which, to our discovery, looked like something Tony Stark would proudly own. I was just waiting for the strip pole to appear and the naughty stewardesses to step out to give the two men a good show, while I could sit in a corner with my useless, non-responsive pussy and watch how they got their buzz on.

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