Chapter 21

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"No. I've never heard of anyone called 'A', except for one, but don't tell me it's some dumb copycat inspired by Pretty Little Liars," I drawled when Caleb grinned and begun tapping away at his laptop. "I've had enough of fakes these days."

"It's not," He replied, "And this is actually good; The less you know about him, the better."

"Who is he?" Lauren wanted to know.

"He," Caleb smirked as he kept typing away, "is a guy who I've worked with before, and he is... how do I put it? Loaded with green."

"So is my great uncle Gerard, what does this 'A' guy have to do with anything?" I wanted to know.

"Let's call him an anonymous benefactor," Caleb said, still stupidly grinning. "An interested party in the demolition of the governmental program."

"He wants to help us?" Lauren asked, grabbing my omelet plate and digging into it with a fork. I watched with an open mouth as she ate my breakfast.

"He most certainly does," Caleb continued. "I admit I haven't spoken with him in a few years, but this dude always just knows shit. I'm serious, he's well above my level of resources. He's Mr Miyagi and I'm just waxing on and off – metaphorically speaking."

I rolled my eyes. Were all men's brains just wired directly to sex? "Can he be trusted? If you say he has so much power, how do we know—"

"We just know, okay?" Caleb stated, cutting me off. "I don't ask questions with this guy. When he helps, things just comes through. Like a shooting star on steroids. He grants wishes, but only to people like us."

"People who need help?"

"Hell no, genius people," Caleb scoffed, almost offended. "He has a specific clientele. The people he helps are people with a bright mind that's somehow landed in a pickle. My bet is that he probably went through something like that himself, only there were no one to help him then."

"Wait, wait. You don't even know this guy personally?" I snapped, my voice raising a pitch. "Caleb, he could be secretly working for them! He could be gaining your trust by—"

"By offering to lend us his private jet to fly us to pizz—I mean, Italy?" Caleb interrupted. "Camila, I trust this guy as much as I trust my girl to put my dick in her mouth, even with those snake bites—"

"Have any of you two ever heard of TMI?!" I shouted, throwing my hands up. I glared first at Caleb, then at Lauren, and then cupped my face tiredly when I found them both smirking at my flip-out. "This is just great, you two make a perfect couple. Do you even need me?"

"Everyone needs a woman," Lauren answered, chuckling when I glared up at her with unamused eyes. "Plus... you're officially believed to be a traitor of your country now."

I should have been surprised. I should have dropped my jaw, but I didn't. I knew it by now, of course. I had fled and then Lauren had fled. And then the fact that I had fled before Lauren did, it meant I could no longer blame her for being my captivator. Not that I wanted to. Not anymore.

"What do they know?" I sighed, turning to look at Caleb who was still tapping away. He looking so out of the ordinary sitting there, hacking into God knew what. It was like seeing Channing Tatum taking on a role where he was super smart. It just looked...strange.

"They think you're officially in tow with Lauren now, and I think it's best that they continue to believe that. The CIA will most likely terminate your employment and put out a burn notice, so you'll have to go underground for a while, after we've demolished the program. Then you'll have to assume a new identity." He told. When I just stared mutely, Caleb looked up and gave me an apologetic look. "I'm sorry. I warned you; Once you learned about this shit, it would become your worst nightmare."

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