Awkward Turtle Suprise Mac and Cheese Attack

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     Everyone seated themselves in a pounding silence. Lily and Wynter had come to the conclusion that the adults were still processing information; Albus concluding the same hypothesis only moments later. Dinner soon began and still not a word was uttered. "We overheard everything from upstairs. There is no need to explain everything again," Harry stated formally. This resulted in a few nods and more silence; this time more tense and aggressive then the one Harry had broken.

     Some time later James created a small turtle statue out of a plate. Rebecca, Albus, and Lily cursed. They dis not want a repeat of this, yet it was inevitable. The turtle started protecting macaroni and cheese at everything. Molly shrieked in surprise. "JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, STOP THE BLOODY TURTLE BEFORE I SHOVE A SPOON UP YOUR ARSE!" Dominique screamed in rage. She was covered in the flying dish. It took Fred's pleas to finally end the turtle reign of terror. He alone had to clean up; he used magic within the first two minutes. The room soon fell into another awkward silence.

     "It's getting late and I can not seem to find my way home tonight." Rebecca sung softly. Her voice was very pleasant and tended to attract unwanted attention. "Feels like I am falling down a rabbit hole, falling for forever, wonderfully wandering alone." Roxanne joined, her alto supporting Rebecca's soprano. "What would my head be like? If not for my shoulders, or without your smile? May it follow you forever." James and Fred joined, their deeper voices adding to the song. "May it never leave you to sleep in the stone. May we stay lost on our way home?" Patrick and Wynter sung, one tenor and the other a soprano. Together they all sung as one, "C'mon, c'mon, with everything falling down around me; I'd to believe in all the possibilities."

     The group stopped and looked at the people from their time; urging them to sing. Finally, Lucy and Lily gave in, "If I should die tonight, may I first just say I'm sorry. For I never felt like anybody. I am a man of many hats although I've never mastered anything." Everyone stared at the two; the two never sung publicly. Their voices were very appealing. "When I am ten feet tall, I've never felt much smaller. Since the fall, nobody seems to know my name-" Victorie's soft pretty voice was cut off by a loud quack. "Crap!" Teddy cursed. Mrs. Weasley made a disapproving sound.

     Teddy quickly grabbed a small black device from his pocket. James and Fred paled considerably; both scared beyond belief. "Answer the cell now Teddy. Who knows what will happen if we ignore it?" Dominique asked. Rebecca frowned, "How does it have bars, let alone a signal? Forget that, how is it working before its creation"? Everyone looked at her and her question went unanswered. Teddy took a deep breath and answered his phone. "Hello," he asked nervously. "HELLO?!?-"

A/N Sorry it took so long to update. We had some things going on. First, I have become addicted to Pinterest. Second, some friend drama. Third, one of my friends was discovered to have a brain tumor. Fourth, school has been stressful lately. Why is eighth grade hard? Fifth, I have now started reading the Mortal Instruments. I just finished City of Bones. Sixth, I'm lazy an  busy a lot. Seventh, lately I have lost my inspiration for this story. However, I will continue to update; no matter how slow they are. Some of the words in the some might be wrong. Auto Correct hates me with a savage passion.

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