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Charlote is a beautiful girl with short hair, slender figure, her eyes were as beautiful as meteor shower during a low light pollution and was the age of 15 wanted to pursue for a career at that time deem impossible, that is being an adventurer. She is always fascinated how cool it was adventurer would travel all kinds of places and discover many things that can benefit the progress of our society or learn how people from the past manage to make groundbreaking discoveries that was beyond from its time.

Despite her interest in being an adventurer her parents had to hit her with the cold hard reality, Charlote's parents were worried because her career meant that she would constantly be raising red flags and would make any parent have a mini heart attack plus with her slender figure meant that she would be fragile and would be easily injured. Fortunately for the parents they manage to convince Charlote to not chase that or any dangerous career. The parents explain that she was born at a time where most of the places had already been discovered and most ancient relics had already been explain. She felt defeated when she realized that she can't become an adventurer to venture out places outside her comfort zone.

However the year 2301 reignited the flames that was once extinguish by the cruel reality she had been. On a rainy day , Charlote was walking along the sidewalk and was on her way to buy a newspaper for her parents, as she picked up the newspaper she saw the news title.


She stop and decided to sit a nearby bench, after all Charlote is interested in science breakthrough like this, she is often seen binge reading the entire documents and this was no exception. She flipped to the page stated and started reading for a while. The content of the page talk about scientist have made interstellar travelling and just need the budget to make it possible. Not only that, they are willing to accept people above the age 25 to work and be the first interstellar travelers.

The only thing that was stuck into her mind after reading the content was "travelling" which she found herself looking back at the time when she wanted to become an adventure back when she was 15 years old. At the time reading this news she was only 17, a senior in her high school, and was aiming to become a stewardess but plans changed after reading the news. However, when she read about the age requirement that the news stated she was disappointed that she was too young to take part in, However she would do anything to travel to see brand new discoveries. After she had finish reading the newspaper, she went home and got scolded for being late to buy a newspaper

Charlote: Mo-, I mean Dad I'm home.

Dad: Where the fuck have you been?

Charlote: I was just buying a newspaper don't treat it like it was a big deal.

Dad: Yeah, and to buy a newspaper is literally a stone throw away from here.

Charlote(in calming tone): Chilllllll is not like I was buying drugs along the way plus the contents for the day is interesting, why I wouldn't I take my time to be here.

Dad (somewhat relief tone): I'm gonna take it with a grain salt, Your interest and mine are vastly different.

Charlote: Pfttt yeah whateve (stick out abit of her tongue)

After the short arguement, Charlote went back up stairs and lay down on my bed. she started to think on how to go foward with the information she have at this time and moment. She gets up and went to her desk and started to draw a roadmap for her reignited passion for adventuring out to space.

As she finished writing her title, Charlote heard foot stomping noise coming outside her door. Suddenly, The dad opens the door aggressively with a worried look in his face.

Dad: Char, I saw the new and don't tell me that you are planning to take interstellar travelling as a career path?

Dad looks at the paper she is writing.

Dad: Charlote, we have discussed about this in the past

Charlote(Pouting): That was just on earth dad

Dad: But the entire thing about the discussion was how dangerous it is to go out to something unknown that could be potentially life threatening, I mean look at your body its basically stick and stones.

Charlote: Father, I know we have discussed about this in the past but the only reason I move on is because there wasn't things to discover to help the progression of this planet. Now there is that chance. Technology have progressed far beyond than it was 3 years ago. interstellar traveling is now possible I know it's dangerous but at least I will engrave my name to the minds of many generations ahead, plus its not like I can go now anyways, I'm too young for the requirements.

Dad: I-I know but its just that I'm worried about you being away from this household, you know what happen to your mother right? I don't want to go through that experience again.

Charlote: ~pause~, I know dad

Dad: If your mother is still here I bet your your pack of copic markers she would disagree but on the other hand I would let you to go.

Charlote: Really?

Dad: Yea but since the time between your mother's disappearance and 10 years from now feels really short.

Charlote: ~putting her hand on her dad's shoulder~ It's okay dad, I aware that this career path is really dangerous and certainly mysterious but I will train myself to be better than I am now for the sake of not worrying you.

Dad: You better be or not I will forcefully change your career path if you don't keep up you promise.

Charlote: Yikes I will keep in mind. Thanks dad.

Dad: Just don't go overboard

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