Letter #5

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Dear Anxiety,

I have noticed, that having you in my life has somehow changed people's personal view of me. I used to be someone that friends and family members admired and looked up to. Oh, you are so strong, they used to say to me. Now they all look at me with sorry in their eyes. I don't need their pity. I don't need their sympathy. The only reason you are now are part of me, is because they pushed you into my life. All their bullshit, all their drama, all the things that I tried to fix or keep together for the sake of others if not for myself, they are the reason that you are here now. So they don't get to look at me like 'poor thing'. It's them who I feel sorry for, not myself. I get up every day and deal with you in my own way. I don't let you completely handle my life like I once used to do. Sometimes you are stuck in the background, like the unimportant extra in a good film. Someday, I know you won't be there at all. So screw them, and screw you. 



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