Chapter Thirteen

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Long story short; I got sick, got sent home from school because of it, was to dizzy and nauseous to write and didn't start a single thing. 4 parter thing is cancelled. Next chapter is already out. Sorry for the delays.

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He pressed his lips against mine. It took a while for my mind to fully process what was actually happening. But by then he had pulled away. I was blushing and looking away, my eyes permanently glued on my feet thinking: He kissed me, Dustin freaking kissed me! On the lips too!

It was only a kiss, a simple brush of his lips against mine, but it made me nervous and... something else, I just can't put a name it.

He chuckled, pulling away. "See that wasn't hard now was it?"

"Y-you bastard," I stuttered but I was blushing and kept my place, in front of him barely an inch away from his body.

He was smirking but his eyes suddenly widen and he pulls away. "That would be our first kiss." He said, grabbing his shirt from the ground and slipping it on. "Better get dress if I were you,"

I gave him a look, then not much to my surprise the door was open and Gray was bursting in, with me under dressed, only in a T-shirt.

"Hey Dustin, I need to-" he paused his eyes widening when he sees me, "Oh my God."

I blushed, dropping down on the ground and pulled the shirt down to cover up as much skin as I could.

"Do I want to know?" he asked doubtfully, looking at my barely clothe body from the corner of his eye.

"No," I said.

"Thought so," he sighed, "Where's Dustin?"

"He's here.." he wasn't in the room anymore.

"Well how nice," I said sourly, I gave Gray a stern look when I caught him looking at me. "Do you mind?"

He blinks, as if he was dazed and his cheeks burned a light shade of pink. "Oh, sorry,"

He still wasn't leaving or looking away until I cleared my throat and raised a brow.

He smiles lightly, "Of course, milady wants to change," he said turning around.

I still didn't move.

"Don't worry I won't look," he added almost silently, "Do you honestly not trust me, Sara?"

"Who knows?" I said and grabbed the scattered clothing and, keeping my eyes on him the whole time put on my pants, hood, and shoes.

"I'm done," I said zipping up the zipper of the jacket.

He laughed, "Can I turn around now?"

"Sure," I said absently. "So what brings you here? Come to pick me up?"

He smiled, "Somewhat yes, I was also going to talk Dustin about something important that I forgot to mention earlier."

"What is it?" I asked but I already had a good guess.

He smiled slightly, "Confidential information, sorry,"

I rolled my eyes, "Don't worry I get it," I said and muttered something about 'stupid power hungry men' under my breath that made him laugh.

"Well I can tell you this at least, Dustin and Trey are going out-"


"-no not like that, let me rephrase that: they're going on a mission together, and that I can't tell you, Sara."

I yawned "I'm kind of tired,"

He gave me a gentle look. "You can sleep in my room."

I smiled lazily, "Promise me you won't watch me sleep?"

"Of course," he said chuckling.

I held out my pinky, "Pinky promise?" I don't know why but I get cocky when I'm tired or drowzy.

"Pinky promise," I could tell he was holding back laughter when he took his pinky with mine.

I slept in his room that night, with his scent around me and him just across the room.


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