How the war started

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-Yin Yang P.O.V-

I was argueing with ShadowFlame
"Why would she jump up and disappeared!" ShadowFlame said "I don't know why did my mom disappear when she became and elder!" I said to him then Shadowflame than fell to the ground he looked sad, I left because I was mad and went to find my brother Lires,

I soon found him he was playing with his babies, So i went to talk to him about what happened

-Cloudburst P.O.V-

I watched as ShadowFlame and Yin Yang agrued after shadowflame fell to the ground Yin left i went to check on him "ShadowFlame are you okay?" I asked him "Yeah I'm fine" ShadowFlame said "I feel like the pack is slowly drifting apart" I whispered Than I saw Lires walking from the forest with Yin yang and his children then i heard shadowflame say something "I know" He said "Guys we need to order some type of meeting soon" Striker said as he came over "Yeah i agree but when" I asked "what about tomorrow" ShadowFlame said "Yeah i guess that can work" Yin said "Where is Flare so she can say her thoughts on this?" Shade one of Lires children said 

Flare landed next to shadowFlame

I watched the group for a few minutes 'I still feel like this group gonna split apart at some point if Aunt RiverShadow doesn't come back soon' I thought 

"What about me" Flare said in some type of mom tone

"What are your thought on when we should have the meeting tomorrow or some other time" Lires said

I got up to go hunt but was stopped by Striker he told be to stay so i did.

Than i'm pretty sure i heard Flare or someone say something "Tomorrow, Now i have to get back to my kids" Flare said "Fell hatched while you guys were agrueing" flare said than she left.

I soon left to go hunting to calm my self down.

-Lires P.O.V-

after Cloudburst left i went to sleep because im already the one who takes care of most of the babies/aka watches them/ most of the time. 

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