Chapter Twenty Two-"At least I know you're my Mr Right"

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~Dedicated to finding your Mr Right~

Chapter Twenty-Two

I was in the school cafeteria with Juliet, while we stood in line for the day’s special; pizza with a side of salad. Everything had gone back to normal and by normal I meant that Sean had kept his distance except for when I was tutoring him and Dave seemed happy that I was back which made me rethink the whole him wanting to dump me thing. Jessica had gone back to hanging around the popular cheerleaders who seemed to have their noses stuck in the air, but on the plus side, Jessica had toned down a lot since the school trip.

“I can’t believe this line,” Juliet groaned, “I’m starving!”

I eyed my best friend who had tied her hair up into a messy bun and donned plain jeans and a tank top as she complained rather loudly about the poor staff of our school café. I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help but laugh, Juliet was really something when she was hungry. As we inched our way closer to the front of the queue, Juliet was interrupted from her complaints by a loud speaker phone.

All eyes turned to the sound where we spotted School Body President, Angelica Harvey, standing at the doorway of the cafeteria with a younger girl behind her, carrying in her arms a red pillow covered with three crowns. Instantly I knew what they were for and had to fight the urge to look at Jessica who was probably starry eyed right about now. Angelica Harvey was chosen as the school president after a skiing accident with her brother and after that, everyone referred to her as ‘Angelica the ski girl’.

With her long black hair and lively green eyes, she turned tons of heads and after a dropout of the presidential elections by none other than Jessica, Angelica had won by default. In my opinion, Angelica was doing a great job at being president but somehow the whole ‘being in charge’ thing seemed to have gotten to her head as soon as she got the title and after only a few weeks of being elected, Angelica had snubbed more than half of the school for being too immature about things.

“Attention everybody,” Angelica shouted over the noise, grabbing my attention.

Once everyone had settled down, Angelica flashed a smile before continuing, “Okay Redwood High today is the day you get to see the people whom you have nominated for Prom Queen.”

A  series of cheers took hold the back of the cafeteria where Jessica sat and I had to fight the disgust away when I noticed Matt sitting there with a large grin on his face. I couldn’t believe that he was the guy I had wasted nearly all my life crushing on only for my feelings to be hurt and my eyes to open to see the real Matt under there, the jerk that seemed to think he was God’s given gift to any female in walking distance.

“The first nominee is,” Angelica read out from an envelope, “Jessica Hubert!”

Jessica stood up and easily made her way towards Angelica with a wide smile against her lips. She shook hands with Angelica, who then placed a silver crown on Jessica’s head. Most people clapped while a few others just rolled their eyes and watched with boredom. After gushing about how she was going to win, Jessica turned and made her way back to her table, flashing a smile at everyone she looked at.

“That girl has no modesty,” Juliet mumbled under breath.

I began to reply but was interrupted by Angelica who spoke again, “And the next nominee is,” Angelica wrinkled her nose in annoyance before she replied, “Whoever nominated themselves as Sherlock Holmes, you’re to see Mrs Bright in her office immediately!”

Juliet sniggered next to me, “I didn’t think she’d actually get the nomination.”

I raised my eyebrows at Juliet before gasping, “You did that?”

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