Do You See What I See

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Noah's POV
I hold the dog as tight as I can. I watch as she yells at him. I watch it all.
She screamed as she dropped him to the ground. He ran towards her and knocked her out. Nati when flying into the island and hit her head and fell to the ground. I cried as he punched her. He stomped past me and out of the house. I put the dog in the crate and run next to Natalia. I hold her hand and cry hard. I rub her cheek and stare at her waiting for her to awake. She doesn't. I stare at the huge bruise on her right check and the cut on her hair line. I grab a wet cloth and wipe her face. I wipe the blood off of her and watch the silent body. I rest my hand on her stomach and feel her heart beat. She's just asleep. I pick up her head and rest it on my shoulder. I move the rest of the fragile body so it sits in my lap. I hug her tightly and cry into her shoulder. I rub her small ear and watch as she flinches. I hold her tightly, never wanting to let go. I lean towards her delicate face when I feel her arm move. I look over to see her arm slowly rise up. Nati slowly rubbed her eyes. She sat up slowly, and winced at the pain.
I cry happy tears, as I help her sit up. I hold her hand softly. As she tries to remember. I pick her up slowly and carry her to the couch. I set a cold rag on her head, and lay her down carefully. I rub her hand and go to grab my phone when I see she has a text.
Millie: Hey Natalia I just wanted to know if we are stilling hanging out?
Me: Hey Mills, this is Noah. Natalia got hurt really bad, and went unconscious. She just woke up now. I don't think she is in good condition to hang out. Sorry.
I replied to Millie and sit next to Nati on the floor. She tried to talk but I told her not to. I held her hand and turned the tv on. I turned Sponge Bob on and heard a knock at the door. Millie and Sadie grabbed my ear and dragged me on the porch. Sadie looked ready to kill and Millie was pissed. I ran them through what happened but kept the psychic thing a secret. They barged into the house and started talking to Nati. I walked over and sat down and took her hand again. Millie and Sadie stared at me like they saw something that I didn't.
"Since when have you guys been a couple?"
Millie asked completely innocent. I just watched Nati's eyes. I hugged her quietly as Millie and Sadie giggled. We talked for what felt like hours. Until we all got the same email.
Congratulations, you have been invited to Jacob Sartorius's bomb fire party! It is in two days at the linked address. See ya there!
Sadie and Millie debated about going. Nati sat there watching tv. The boys said they were going. It was down to me and Nati.
"Natalia do you want to go to the party?"
She looked to Millie and Sadie for an answer, but I pulled her head back to look at me.
"Not them, you. Do you want to go to the party."
I asked her quietly. Her face was pale. She nodded and Millie jumped up and down. I held her in a tight hug and combed my fingers through her hair. Guess we were going to a party.

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