Prologue: Part II

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Jayden Visa woke up in her bed in a prison cell. She had been in this prison on the snowy planet of Kuro for about 2 months now, and this was all thanks to her sister, Aura.

Aura had grew to hate Jayden over those two months, She even went as far as turning her into the First Order, That was when she was imprisoned.

Most of the time, she wishes what happened within those awful two months was all just a dream and that she would start a new day of training with her mother, Fennec. But no, This was all real.

Jayden woke up to hear her cellmate, who was a Zabrak, snoring loudly. She didn't even know how she had to put up with this racket for 2 months!

At this point, Jayden had enough! she looked at the cell's bars, a Stormtrooper was about to walk past it. So, she decided to wait for the Stormtrooper to walk past the cell.

When he did pass, Jayden asked him, "Hey buckethead! How long until I get out of here?"

"You won't get out of here anytime soon! You're weak! You're nothing!" The stormtrooper yelled.

The cellmate was laughing sadistically, "Girl, Ya know it's true..." he said before laughing again.

At this point, Jayden had enough! She was angry! "No, no, no, no..." She repeated, "NO!" When she snapped, she used a Force-shockwave that sent the Stormtrooper and the cellmate flying, When Jayden looked at the aftermath of the shockwave, she noticed that the bars of the cells were broken. So, she escaped and ran out of the cell. At last, Jayden was free.

The Stormtrooper woke up from the shockwave and saw Jayden running. "Hey! Stop her!" he yelled. The security alarm started buzzing right after he yelled, and every cell went into lockdown.

As Jayden was about to reach the exit, a batallion of Stormtroopers surrounded her. "We have you now, Jedi!" one of them yelled.

But Jayden didn't move, she reached for her lightsaber and then activated it. When the Stormtroopers saw the blue blade, they knew that something was going to go wrong. Jayden then did a backflip, going behind the Stromtroopers and killed a few of them. The ones that were still alive tried to shoot her, but Jayden blocked the shots.

As Jayden ran outside, she noticed a station that had a few TIE fighters and other similar starfighters. She ran towards one of the TIE fighters and got inside of it.

"I always wanted to fly one of these things!" Jayden said. However, she never was a great pilot herself, which is why she never flew starfighters in battles she participated in with the Jedi. As she got in the TIE, about seven Stormtroopers arrived outside. "Blast that TIE!" One of them said as the other stormtroopers starting firing at the TIE.

Jayden ended up getting the TIE Fighter flying before they could start shooting at it, However, the flying wasn't smooth, the TIE hit a few mountains, damaging it. But Jayden ended up getting the TIE into space and it flew away, unable to be tracked by the First Order.

Aboard a Star Destroyer above Kuro, a First Order officer saw what just happened on a security camera, With both Cantor and Malachi Zondor, now known as Darth Blaze, standing right behind him.

"What happened?!" Blaze yelled.

"I regret to inform you that the Jedi, Jayden Visa, has escaped..." The officer said. "I-I hope you can forgive-"

Blaze and Cantor started to lift the officer to the roof of the ship as they started to choke him, other officers stopped their duties to watch what was going on. This went on for about a minute. The officer's face started to turn purple due to him not getting enough oxygen. But once the officer was dead. Blaze and Cantor let him go.

"Apology accepted, Lieutenant Reymar Anden." Cantor said.

"Should we inform Kylo Ren about this?" Blaze asked as he walked away.

"He will be informed sooner or later!" Cantor said.

Cantor looked back at the corpse of Lieutenant Reymar Anden, and then at the other officers who went back to the duties.

"Clean this mess up! Now!" Cantor yelled as two other officers picked up the body of the dead officer, dragging him across the floor.

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