[Love and Tears] part 20.

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So um... yeah this is kind of late. But still, sorry about that. 

As most of you would know, Christmas is in a couple of days and like I've been busy with Christmas party's, getting presents, cards and all that and I've still got a lot to do. Also, my bedroom's getting decorated :D which I'm really happy about, and like I've been getting furniture and paints and stuff for it so yeah... it's been really busy and it's going to get even busier! -_-

Lool haha anyways, today is my lazy day :) so I wasn't sure if I would get another chance in the week to update so I thought I might as well do it today. So yeah, anyways, enough about me. Enjoy! And if I don't update before then, Merry Christmas!

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"Why do you to know each other?" I demanded, growing more curious the more they stalled. My mother gulped and turned to face Danielle, I watched them both carefully so they couldn't quickly make up any lies.

"Well?" I asked, as anger filled my voice. How did they know each other? Why did they know each other? And the most important question of all was, my mother could of saved me from living this life and she didn't. Why? I had so many un-answered questions in my life. Loads. Even for Jay. And some for Rebecca. And for June. I had forgotten to visit Terry in a while, meaning I didn't know what was happening with him, meaning that added to my list of un-answered questions. I also wanted to ask my mum and dad a few myself, but I knew I couldn't, you know, them being dead and all.

"You want to know the truth? Now? After We've just gotten a long so well?" My mother asked, turning back to face me. It felt weird calling her mother. All my life, the woman who I thought had given birth to me, hadn't. And the person who really did, was standing in front of me. I frowned, not knowing what to do. Should I accept her and pretend my parents were never even alive? No, I couldn't, that's not fair on them. Or should I just not even listen to her, and pretend like this woman never turned up? No, I couldn't do that either. I was created in her, after all. I sighed as my thoughts overwhelmed my head. I was sure I'd have a headache soon.

"Yes." I said, gulping.

"Right, well-"

"First," I started, interrupting Danielle who had started to speak. "Did you know she was my mother?"

Danielle chewed on her bottom lip, "Um, yes and no." She replied. I swallowed, hard, trying to take this in.

"Right. How?" I asked, trying to keep calm. I kept my gazes locked on the floor, to try and calm down. I was probably over-reacting, right? I mean, they probably just bumped into each other. But that didn't explain the nervousness they had given across. I took a deep breathe as Danielle started to explain how they knew each other. 

"Um, it's kind of a long story..." Danielle told me. My mum watched Danielle carefully, hesitant to saying a word.

"Is there no way to shorten it?"

"Well, yeah. But you'd still have questions to ask."

"Like why you didn't tell me this in the first place?" I asked. Danielle sighed.

"I'll just start from the beginning."

I nodded my head and she started. My mum chewed her fingers violently. I looked at her with a worried expression before turning back to Danielle.

"Um, it started when you was at your aunty's house, I think. Or you just started here. My mum and dad has just split up, which got me... upset. And  started rebelling, I guess-"

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