i was thinking

i feel like I don't put enough effort and work into this

i just write useless stuff that no one really cares about

it started as a rant book but now it just seems like a desperate attempt of me trying to be cool and it's not working

i don't deserve my 8k

i was just talking about 7k earlier today and now it's 8k it's actually amazing how "dedicated" or some shit you guys are.

it only takes 2 minutes for me to get votes on my chapters and I just feel so proud.

so thank you.

im gonna try harder. i promise.

I'll also probably update less bc it's just lame chapters with pictures because I can't have instagram and Twitter

plus im much cooler on here...

oh that sounded so loser

and I was thinking of calling my fandom the addlets?

maybe the subtracties? bc ADDy. get it?



comment your fav on the michael:


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