Chapter 34: Part 2

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Missions, Marcus, and More

A/N: I've written and rewritten this part, I can't tell you how many times. I just couldn't get it right,but here we go. One of my late night writing sessions. I work better this way for some reason. Sorry for rambling! Enjoy!

Lilly's POV:

I woke up the next morning and practically rolled out of bed. I looked in the mirror to see balloons were in every corner of the room. Huh...didn't notice that till now. I racked my brain for why they would be there. How could I forget! This is the freaking day I was born and I forgot? I ran into my bathroom and got dressed as quickly as possible.

I came out of the room with a floral tank top and skinny jeans paired with nude wedges. I went to run down the stairs but soon realized that was a bad idea as I tripped over the second to last stair. Stupid heels. I turned in mid air to safe myself from the impact, but instead wound up in a pair of arms I was all too familiar with. "Happy Birthday, baby." Jake said kissing my forhead before setting me safely on the ground. "What would I do without you?" I teased as he slipped his hand in mine dragging me towards the living room.

"What are yo-" I cut myself off as I saw all the people I loved gathered together with huge smiles on their faces. "Happy Birthday Lilly!" They all yelled as I got bumbarded with hugs. There was just one person standing awkwardly in the corner. They all let me go and I found out who that person was. Marcus? The adults left the room after hugging me and wishing me a happy birthday and my obnoxious friends instantly started the party. "Don't worry the real party will be later on. My parents are out of town so why not through a huge party for my best friend." Kaitie whisphered to me, knowing me all too well.

As all my friends fled the room to go get this 'surprise' ready for me, I was stuck in the room with Marcus. "You didn't think I would forget your birthday did you?" He asked with a smile coming to hug me for the first time today. I smiled, he really did change. "Why? You screwed up my life so much so why do you care to change it now?" The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. "Well, I really did like you. We were best friends since we were practically in diapers and then I actually liked you and when that started to fade I turned into someone I regret. I want to make it up to you. Even though I know we will always have somewhat of trust issues, I couldn't give my friendship up that easily. Plus you still never actually said you forgive me yet so I can't stop trying." He said emotions ranging from sadness to small smiles, but the whole time he showed pure sincerity.

"Well, you are forgiven. And I would love to be close friends again even if we have some trust issues." We both laughed before the door slammed open and I was swept of my feet and pulled outside. "Chris, I can walk you know." He laughed. "Well too bad." He walked away as Marcus opened the sliding glass door to the back yard for us. "Chris, I know you guys are best friends but stay away from my girlfriend. She can walk you know." I could hear the laughter in Jake's voice as he teased. "What if I don't want to?" Chris challenged. "Just kidding" he replied while letting me down. "Oh stop bickering you two." I said in a fake motherly tone then ran to Jake and kissed his cheek.

I turned around noticing my surroundings for the first time. It was beautiful. The back yard was decorated with flowers and pathways all over. "What is all this?" I asked in awe. "A scavenger hunt." John replied with a wide smile from ear to ear. "It was all my idea." He said with a smirk. "LIAR! Christina and I thought of it. You just helped us reach things high up and lift heavy stuff. Oh wait no, that was Jake and Chris. No, you just 'supervised'." Kaitie called him out and everyone burst into laughing fits. "Well then. Anyways you won't have to look like an idiot by yourself. Josh is going to help you. You know in case you can't find one. Which would be sad considering you're a spy and all." John said before shooing me off to find my first item with my first hint. Ooo it was a present game.

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