New Kid on Elm.

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Noah's POV
I walked back over to the group where they stood on my lawn. Natalia seemed shy, and seemed to be hiding something from me.
"So, what is she like!"
"She looks a little young though."
Millie was jumping up and down, while Sadie was being a jerk. I shook my head at Sadies answer and said to Millie it may take time for her to adjust. I quickly said goodbye and walked in the house. Chloe tried to talk to me but I slammed the door in her face. I don't know why I was angry. I walked by the window when my eye caught something. Natalia. She was in a room, it was light blue. I saw her and a man standing at the window. Slap. His hand glided across her face like butter. I jumped at the action of the man. A few seconds later he screamed curses at her. Ending with a punch on the cheek. He walked out as she yelled in a high pitch scream. I watched her cry. Tears falling down her face. I wanted to go help her. I just stared. A few seconds later I got a text.
Unknown: Hey Noah, this is Natalia.
Me: Hey Natalia, are you ok?
Natalia: I think you know what happened😣
Me: I am sorry I was just walking by the window and yeah.
Natalia: You don't need to apologize. My dad is always like this.
Me: Wait, that was your dad?
Natalia: yeah he hates me!
Me: Why would any one hate you?
Natalia: Um you wanna come over and talk? My parents left for the week.
Me: Ok, be there in 5
I ended the text but I still could not believe that she was hit by her own dad. I grabbed my jacket and phone and walked over to her house. Natalia sat on a step that led up to the porch. The mark on her cheek was red and she had stained blood under her nose. I sat next to her as she gripped something in her pocket. Tears rolled down her face as I scooped her into a hug. She stopped crying as she pulled something out of her worn jacket pocket. She held it out to me as I tilted my head.
"Read the top note. It will probably answer your questions."
I read the note. Only a few words catching my eye. Severe, Social, Anxiety,hurt, people, herself. I stared at the note. I folded it back up. I twisted my body so I was facing her. I grabbed her small hand and rubbed her soft knuckles. She stared into my face as I held her hand. The brick wall I felt her have early melted like ice. I grabbed her other hand and stood up with her. I held her in a tight hug.
" Now you know why I'm such a little freak!"
Her voice bit the cold February wind. I ran my fingers through her hair. She was noticeably shorter than me. I didn't care. We stood on that deck for a while.
Soon Natalia grabbed my hand and brought me inside the house. We passed through a light blue living room and up the grey stairs. I guessed her family all loved the beach. We walked down the hall to her room and sat on her bed. She had framed dolphin pictures along with other animals. I looked at the sea shells she had on a shelf. We were in the room her dad hurt her in.
I think that this kid is alright.

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