The Last Day in Hell

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Natalia POV
I walked through the door of the school for the last time. Everyone stared at me as I walked down the hall like normal. I walked to my locker and shoved my stuff in the tight space.
Hey Indian Jones, your missing your cowgirl hat; Look Albert Einstein is scared!
The voices of the boys mocking flowed through my head. I walked in the classroom and my home room and Ela teacher walked over. And I held her in a tight hug.
"I know Natalia, it's ok. It's hard 9th grade."
"My dad hit me last night. And now I have to move away from my friends!"
I cried into my teachers blouse as she held me tightly against her.
The rest of the day was like a repeating system. Walk to class, cry, say goodbye, leave forever. I walked out of the school. My phone in my hand. I had the note in the other. I got in my Dads car as he drive us home. The flight to Indiana was long and hard. A turbulence in the middle, made me have a minor anxiety attack. We got off and got in our new car. We drove to our new house which looked beautiful. The outside was lined with small bushes with flowers. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and grabbed my boxes from the truck. I walked to the room that had a blue sign with bubbles that said Natalia Maria. I changed the sheets to my normal Teal and blue covers and put everything in place. I hung up my clothes and folded them too. I walked outside and saw a group of teens standing on the neighbors grass. I looked in the truck for any more boxes and sat back down at the curb. I pulled out the letter that had notes stapled to it. I read the one from my math teacher. I rubbed the tears from my eyes as I read the note written in 100% Spanish. I then read the anxiety note and broke down into tears. I am smart. I'm not dumb. They are stupid. Life is worse then death. I felt a small change in the air around me. Someone sat down next to me as I folded the note and shoved in my pocket.
"Did you just move here? I'm Noah. I live next door. What grade are you in?"
I felt a bit of anxiety build up. I looked over to see a boy with messy hair look at me with soft eyes. I did not want to ignore him but.
"Yeah, it sucks. I'm Natalia. I'm in 6th grade but being pushed to 9 Th.."
Noah looked at the concrete as I stared at my feet.
" Meet me at this locker on Monday and I'll show you around."
Noah walked away and I walked back to the house. People are strange.

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