587.17 Miles From Home

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Natalia POV
I walk through the door of my house after a long day of school. I don't want to go. I am the only kid in my grade that memorized the 50 states. I am 12 years old and practically a genius. My Mom says that I should use my brain to my abilities. My Dad says I should die. My names Natalia Maria Gracian. My Dad is never home, and my Mom always goes on business trips. My parents have been warned that I have Severe Social Anxiety. I always carry a note in my pocket. They don't care that I can hurt people or myself.
I walk in to people packing boxes. I walk over to my Mom who is packing pans in a box.
"Mom, what are these people doing here?"
"Hi honey, we are moving tomorrow! We are moving all the way to Hawkins, Indiana!"
"No! That is exactly 587.17 miles away from here! There is no way I am moving to Indiana! That place is like a hell hole! No way!"
" Go pack your stuff up, NOW! We leave after school tomorrow. I already told your teachers!"
"Great! Another bunch of 6th graders!"
"Well, we are actually putting you in 9th grade. You tested at that level with the quiz the other day."
"Even better, hormonal teens!"
I stomped to my bedroom. And there were instructions on what and how to pack. I shoved everything except a pair of ripped jeans, crop top, tank top to go under, and drape it on my bed. I pulled out my phone and texted my best friend.
Me: ELLA! This is an SOS!
Ella: What's wrong? Did the US get another state? Is Einstein wrong? Is there no such thing as string theory? Is Earth falling off its axis?
Me: WORSE! I am moving to INDIANA!
Me: I gotta go, My dad is yelling at me!
Ella: ok bye!
I walked to the curb and sat down and cried into my hands. My classmate that lived across the street walked over.
" Hey, why you crying? What's with the trucks?"
" Daniel it is horrible! I am moving to Indiana!"
" That is bad!"
He pushed a piece of hair out of my face. 9th grade. In February! The year was half over! I looked at my house one last time. I gave Daniel a hug and walked back inside. I decided it was time to go to bed and I fell asleep roughly.
I dreamed of monsters chasing me and teens bullying me. I dreamed of biting and scratching them.
Author Notes
Thank you for reading! I will try to update 2-3 times a week!

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