Chapter 5

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Mira's POV

"I blame you." I whispered. We were trying to be ninjas and not be seen by Jacob. It was kinda hard though since he kept looking over here. Every time we'd try to get out of the pool and walk back inside, he seemed to look over at us.

"For what?" She whispered angrily back.

"You're the one that hit him in the head with the breadstick. If you didn't we wouldn't be hiding."

"Whatever. Let's just get inside. Our towels are just a few feet away on that chair so what if we just pretend that we're little kids, and run around screaming with the towel wrapped around us."

"Really? That's the best thing you could think of?"

"Do you have a better plan!?" She demanded.


"Alright on the count of three make a dash for our towels. One. Two. Three!!" She yelled.

We made a dash for it. I made it to the towels first and quickly grabbed mine and wrapped it around myself. We tried to crouch down to seem shorter. We tried off as fast as possible.

"I beat you I beat you!" I yelled in a little kid voice.

"What are you doing??"she whispered.

"Play along" I mouthed.

"I am waaayy faster then you." I stated giggling. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jacob glance over at us then look away. Rina seemed to catch on.

"No way!" She screeched.

"Yes way!"

"I bet I could beat you in tag."

"How do you win in a game of tag?" I questioned.

"I don't know but you're it!" She laughed as she punched me and ran away.

"Owww your not supposed to hit me! Gosh" at this point we forgot we were supposed to be hiding and acting.

"Pay back for when you hit me in the boob"


I chased after her and kicked her.

"Look who's being mean know"

"You can't get me nah nah boo boo!" I was obviously faster thanks to my long legs. We ran around my back yard for a couple minute just chasing each other and laughing when we were interrupted.

"Well well well look who it is" said the annoying voice we were trying to originally trying to avoid. Rina stopped running and I ran accidentally into her, causing both of us to fall.

"Owie watch where your going."

"Your the one who stopped to fast."

"It wasn't my fault"

"Yes it was." We continued to argue until we heard Jacob clear his throat.

"Can we help you?" I asked turning to him.

"Well I was just wondering whether or not your phone is working."

"Yeah we just decided to ignore you." Rina said to him.

"Well I guess it doesn't matter now does it because it looks like we're now neighbors." He smiled and walked away

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