Chapter 11

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Tobias just left the parlor, and Tori is now preparing my workspace for today. She comes back from the storage room with a pad of paper and a pen, and shoves them into my hands.

"Today you will start off with drawing some basic designs on this pad of paper," she begins, "you will begin working on real customers after you have mastered the paper version, along with the dummy. Questions?"

"Um... 1. Can't I use a pencil...? And 2. Dummy?" I interrogate her.

"1. No pencils, when your doing a tattoo, there is no erasing. Its permanent. and 2. Well, you can figure that out for yourself tomorrow, now start." and with that she leaves me to help the next customer in line.

I sit down and start thinking. I run through memories in my life, and I draw them on my pad of paper. After about an hour and a half, my whole notebook is full of different sketches and drawings. I call Tori over and she looks through the sketches.

"Wow, Tris! These are amazing!" She continues to flip through the pages, "I especially love the Roman numerals (4&6) and the Ferris wheel! Four is going to love these, you should take your lunch break and show him!"

"Okay! I'll be back after lunch, see ya Tori!" I wave goodbye, gather my pad of paper, then run off to see Tobias. I finally catch up to him on his way to the cafeteria and go up to him with a huge smile plastered on my face.

"Woah, I'm guessing that your first day on the job is going well," Tobias says as he gives me a peck on the cheek. I just nod my head and shove the notebook in his face. I feel like a toddler showing their mom a picture they painted. Tobias takes the book and flips through it, stopping in some places to think over it. when he's finished, he closes it and looks down at me, smiling.

"Tris, when did you learn how to draw? This is amazing!" He says, indicating the book of my drawings, "I love them, I love you." his voice drops to a whisper toward the end of his sentence. I tenderly kiss him, and when we release, we head off to lunch.

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