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Pen Your Pride


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you guys should make a purge group and kill me because i haven't updated in foreveeeeeeer !

okay ready ? go !


me and Emily throw our trays away and walk to science.

like in all our other classes we take a seat in the back of the classroom. after a couple minutes the class if full and everyone is sitting down talking. i was to busy on my phone that i didn't even notice the teacher walk in.

"excuse me, but you can save you're texting for later. give it here." Mr Adams says. i roll my eyes and hand him my phone. "you can get it back after class."

"wow, first day of school and already getting into trouble." i turn around and see Matthew looking at me, smirking.


i flip him off and take my seat.

half way through class i was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden a paper hits the back of my head.

i turn around and see a crumbled paper on the floor. i pick it up and read it .

"that middle finger isn't gonna be the only bone you're raising ;) -Matt"

i turn around to look at him and he winks. 'fuck off' i mouth. he smirks and flips me off 'shove that finger up your ass" i say and turn around

*After School*

me and emily walk to her car laughing and explaining our day in hell to each other.

she explains to me how someone in her art class drew a penis and gave it to the teacher and said

"there i made art, can i get credit for this class and leave now."

when we made it to her car i saw Matthew leaning against a black range rover next to her car.

"you following me?" he says smirking

"in your dreams." i say rolling my eyes.

"come home with me." he says

"um, how about no." i say sarcastically

"c'mon , we can watch movies or something." he says walking towards me

i was to busy focusing on this conversation that i didnt notice Emily driving off. i take out my phone to text her and then i suddenly get a text.

Em 💖 ; text me when i should pick you up from Matthew's house ;) use protection :*

i send a 'fuck you' and lock my phone.

I look up and see Matthew smirking.

"one movie." i say

he smiles and leads me to his car. he surprisingly opens the door for me and i lightly smile. he jogs to the drivers seat and starts the car.

the ride to his house was really awkward. like really really awkward. neither one of us talked.

when we got to his house it looked kinda similar to mine. maybe a bit bigger. we got out the car and walked to the front door.

"MOM IM HOME!" he yelled

i heard footsteps walking down the stairs and i saw a small lady smiling.

"hi sweetie, how was school?" she says to Matthew.

"it was okay, i guess." he says

she looks at me and smiles.

"hi, im Sarah. Matthews mom." she says taking out her hand.

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