Fade - Chapter 17

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"Come here."

The sounds of soft and gentle rain are swallowed by Sebastian's voice. Ciel stands from his comfortable sitting position by the cozy fire warming his bones, walking over to where Sebastian is seated at the shimmering black desk. The cool wood welcomes his hands as he leans over the frame, resting his palms on the slick surface.

"Look at this."

Sebastian whispers, pointing to an area on the map he surveys. There is a small black mass where his ungloved finger lies. Ciel's curious eyes swoop over the territory, his right hand reaching over to stroke the cool parchment. Sebastian's concerned gaze scampers up to the boy's charisma, his bicolored eyes drowning in thought.

"What is it?"

He asked, his voiced hushed with interest. Sebastian points at the worn-off writing that peaks it's way through the yellowed paper, it's formalities taunting in their mystery. His finger grazes the rough weathering, carefully inspecting it once more.

"I don't know."

He replies,

"I can't read it."

Sebastian sighs, letting his head hang in his lovely interlaced fingers.

The small dark mass depicted swirls in a flurry of ink, as though it's not a landmark itself, but a warning sign... or perhaps a signal marking a jackpot. The lines seem to be scrawled together in a hurry, the shapes telling a story of their own. It seems to Ciel, that once the two discover something important, all evidence eludes the two.

"Well... what do you suggest we do about it, then?"

"I'm not much sure. I suppose we should investigate."

He looks up, then; his smirk invitingly suggestive. Ciel blushes lightly. Though he knows what his butler is speaking of, his subtext rings as loud as a church bell.

"I suppose we should, then."

He replies absentmindedly,


"Oh no, Ciel. Why waste our time whilst it isn't snowing? We should take advantage of the current situation."

His smirk remains as Ciel strides over to him tentatively, straddling his hips as he wraps his arms around Sebastian's cool neck. He leans down slightly, his rosy lips almost pressed against Sebastian's ear.

"I suppose you're right... though it's still awfully cold... and I happen to be rather warm where I am."

"Is that so?"

Ciel nods, nuzzling his nose into Sebastian's neck gently, making him shiver. Sebastian's hands glide up to the former Earl's waist, his arms wrapping around the slender figure. Ciel mews slightly, pressing his rosy cheeks to the other male's collarbone. Sebastian chuckles darkly, his voice sounding like honey to the younger demon. Their skin is white on white as Sebastian's hands slide gracefully under the hem of Ciel's shirt, squeezing his soft flesh in his palms.

The soft rain pelting against the windows grows stronger as Ciel's fragile lips press against Sebastian's skin, his mouth cool and wet against his warming temperature. Ciel's mouth works its way up to his mouth as he kisses him fiercely. Their mouths moving together as perfectly as the night itself; casting beautiful shadows upon the unpleasant truth.

Ciel lets out a slight moan, his fingers entangling in the raven's black hair. Sebastian pulls him close. Ciel's chest is pressed flushed against Sebastian's, his shaking breath felt upon Sebastian's own lungs.

Thunder strikes the mansion, shaking the windows in a breath of exhaustion. Ciel's starts, pulling his mouth away from Sebastian's. He whimpers slightly, gripping onto the back of Sebastian's shirt. He trembles slightly, his eyes shut tight.

"it's alright, Ciel. It's only thunder."

"I-I'm sorry."

He rests his forehead against Sebastian's.

"Don't be."

Ciel nods, turning his attention back to the map on the desk before them. The lustful haze lingers still, yet the fog as been shocked by the electricity of fear and realization.

"I suppose we really should investigate this tomorrow, though."

He says, his blush intensifying. The matter in fact, is quite troubling... especially for such an ancient mind as Sebastian's, who has seen entire forests and cities destroyed in mere seconds.

"I suppose."

His gaze continues to entertain the boy, his fingers dancing up along his spine to rest upon his cheek lovingly.

"You are right."

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