Chapter 27

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Spencer's POV

The familiar voice yells, once again, "Nobody move!"

The entire crowd gasps at who is threatening me. I haven't heard him talk much, but I would recognize that voice anywhere.


Why is he betraying us? What did we do to him?

Aiden, still weak from the power transfer, looks over with pain and sadness in his eyes. He also has a look of determination, a look that makes me believe I will make it through this.

All of a sudden, Red Claw Pack members rush into the backyard, our pack members preparing to fight. Even women who aren't warriors are prepared to protect the young and those unable to fight.

I watch all this happen while shaking. My shaking causes the blade to slightly slice my neck, and I wince at the pain. Must be silver.

Miller throws me to the ground, then bringing the knife back to my neck while I'm on my stomach. He pulls my head back by my hair, and pain erupts in my skull. And not the pleasurable kind I get with Aiden.

Everyone is waiting to see who will make the first move, the Red Claw Pack warriors waiting to attack on Millers signal.

Suddenly, I feel someone knock into Miller, getting him off balance. I almost cheer with joy before I remember the knife that was in his hand. The knife lightly scrapes my neck, causing my to bleed everywhere. It's not deep but it is a long cut.

I lay on the ground, applying pressure to my wound as I look up to see who attacked Miller. I see Ava on top of him, punching his face. Ava, sensing my gaze, turns to me and gives me a charming smile.

Even while in pain, I smile back, proud of my best friend. With Miller down, the Red Claw Pack proceeds to attack, the battle starting.

The women who aren't warriors, children, and those unable to fight all run to the safe room we have under the house. While they are running, our warriors all start attacking the charging Red Claw Pack.

Aiden rushes over to my side, putting more pressure on my wound. Doctor Lana runs over as fast as she can, Ava still beating up Miller. Aiden's parents are standing around us, protecting me. Eden is hovering over Ava, making sure she doesn't get hurt.

The battle field is chaos, it's all I can focus on. I try not to think about the pain and blood running down my neck. I focus on the fighting and bloodshed.

My eyes start to droop, getting tired from blood loss. "My love, I need you to stay with me, please," Aiden whispers weakly.

I try to nod but the pain in my neck is too intense. Doctor Lana tries to patch me up to the best of her abilities with limited supplies, apparently always carrying gauze and tape in her pockets. Aiden looks at her questioningly, silently asking why she has that stuff. She only responds with, "Don't ask."

Aiden puts his hands up in surrender, before leaning down to pick me up when Doctor Lana is done with me.

He holds me close into his chest as he carries me to the safe room. Warriors surround us, and help make a path to lead us directly to safety. This pack is amazing.

I look at all the warriors gratefully, wondering how many of them will make it through this battle. Hopefully they all do.

We make it to the safe room, and Aiden lays me on the medical cot that is in there. "Don't move, I must help protect the pack."

I whisper, "I physically can't move. Please stay."

Aiden looks at me, tears leaking out of his eyes. "I wish I could, but as Alpha I have to protect you and the rest of the pack. I know you're tired, go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake back up."

And with that, he leaves me all alone.

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