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Alright let's talk about Tris and Katniss. Omf even similar names.

They're both rebels. And they've both got a boy toy.


what if the main character was gay/lesbian? what about that?

not all girls are super cute and fit and have got guys drooling all over them.

me, for example.

im not the thinnest. im not a beauty queen. get over it. im me. would I not be a good enough girl in your story?

yeah, lately I've been feeling pretty confident. bc I found out that there are two (kinda cute) boys in my class who might have a crush on me (!!!!!)

so um yay

So the next time you right a story, remember not everyone is perfect.

Next, there's always some crisis.

The Hunger Games and Dauntless uprising

so yerp

Also, trains.

Hehe "I like trains."

If you understood that ily

The dauntless initiation train jump and ending where they ride off into the sunset on a train (spoiler!!!)

And for thg it's bringing them to the Capitol and shit like that

So similarities yay!!

Sorry this was short im a lazy butt

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