The Video

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Faiths P.O.V
I look at it in shock. "Luke!" I screech pulling him into a tight hug. "I can't believe you guys" I say. I stay that way till I pull back starting to feel awkward. I hop up "alright everyone group hug!" I say cheering we all start laughing after even my mom and I haven't seen her happy since the death how was life gonna be for her when I left.

Luke's P.O.V
When she finally figured out what it was I heard her scream louder than when I had gotten her. It was good to have her back so good I couldn't let her go again. Only one problem Carly. Yeah I got a girlfriend while I was in America she reminded me so much of her. Looks kinda like her but she had everything in common with her too I missed her and I couldn't help it.

Faiths P.O.V
I sit down in my room with the door closed so no one walks in. I put the video in the movie player as o watch the guys on the screen. (Start the video. Now) Near the end I had tears down my face they recorded everything, then something pops out to me I see some girl clinging onto Luke's arm.

She's tall look a lot like me too and she's wearing an ATL tee. Ok notice their hands intertwined and immediate pain hits my stomach. I turn the tv off bearing my face in blankets and pillows as I cry. The song never leaving my mind.
Next morning
Faiths P.O.V
I feel the air on my face and hear a voice talking "faith why do you look like you've been crying?" I hear Ashes voice asking. "I wasn't" I lie "ok well then why did I hear you crying last night?" He asks I close my eyes Luke's girlfriend I say. I open my watery eyes sitting up as I see Ash has a worried look on his face as he pulls me into a hug a very tight one if I may add. "I'm sorry" he says "You have nothing to be sorry about" I respond. We sit there in silence as he rubs my back till I speak up "don't tell Luke ok?" I say once I start to feel better. "If you don't want me to then my lips are sealed." He says as he 'zips' his lips closed causing me to laugh. "Thanks Ash" I say as I kiss his check making my way out of the room before saying anything else. I'm going to America today and nothing is going to stop me.
HEY GUYS! So I'm sorry I had to add the video cause I thought the song would go perfect with it! I got emotional working on it I actually got a bit teary lol but I hope you guys are enjoying it sorry for all the emotions 😂 but it is gonna get better! Also the next couple chapters will be longer I promise!

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