Is Google Maps better than TomTom Maps?

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Maps are used by users of all parts of the world. The most obvious reason is - finding the optimal roadway for reaching the unknown territories within a fraction of seconds. Likewise, the top-notch GPS companies (like Tomtom, Garmin, Google, and so on) are generating the utmost revenue from the market with the devices they manufacture for navigational purposes. Even one can perform his/her daily tasks and be productive at your convenience.

Indistinguishably, we can compare the benefits of Google Maps and Tomtom Maps to decide which one is better (in terms of cost, performance, and usage). Such benefits not only contribute to making our lives hassle-free but also direct us at times we get stuck in congested areas. Just read the below paragraph carefully to make choices between the two: -

Differential Parameters of Google and Tomtom maps

While you make a comparison between the cult-classic specifications of Google and Tomtom, the first factor that comes in our minds is the GPS functionality. If a device's GPS can capture your spot globally, then one might think of purchasing such devices. Let's dig a deep down to the features contained by the Google Maps and Tomtom Maps: -

Free Map updates

Many of the updates related to the address locations, junction views, and other topographical geofences are free in the devices that can access the functionalities of Google Maps. While on the other hand, GPS maps of Tomtom devices (like those of Tomtom XL, Tomtom Go, etc) offers lifetime map updates (inclusive of Tomtom GPS update). Such updates are free until the subscription is valid. After the validity of the subscription is expired, customers need to purchase the updates at a nominal fee.

Scale of Development

Tomtom devices are not able to generate legendary results in terms of the development related to the user-interface of its devices. But, if we talk about Google Maps, one can install the application irrespective of the operating system (like Windows, Macintosh, Android, iPhone, and others) that we choose. This is the most appropriate statement that justifies the fact that Google Maps always captures the market well by staying up-to-date with its users' requirements.

Driving in rotational shifts

This is one of the important parameters that can help users decide between Google Maps and Tomtom maps. Google Maps can be installed on any of the devices or other workstations. At times you decide to travel rotationally (most probably after hours) you may face tunnels that need to be covered by your vehicles (like cars, truckers, and other automotive). In such low light situations, there are chances that the routing is not visible onto your devices.

But thanks a lot to the night mode of Google Maps. As soon as you switch on its night mode, you can much easily cross such tunnels and reach your predefined spots without any hustle. On the contrary, night vision is supported by various Tomtom devices but not all (like Tomtom GO 520 requires manual activation of night mode). Such characteristics offer visibility to the users at times they are not able to spot the optimal roadway for covering extra miles within the stipulated period.

Variable colors for illuminating the device's screen

At times you are in a dire need of getting the detailed lane assistance via automated voice-controlled navigation prompts. Not only the Tomtom models, but other models of Garmin can assist their users with the parking guidelines safely and securely. But all this is possible if one can access the directional guidelines of the most favorable point-of-interest (such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other geological spots).

Even the most suited version of the Garmin Nuvi update allows its users to enjoy the perks of having variable color patterns for viewing the terrains and other topographical regions with much clarity. On the contrary, the visibility of such terrain views depends upon the device you are using. Conclusively, Tomtom maps can create a win-win situation while we compare the same with that of Google Maps.

Listed-above are some of the differential parameters that may become a deciding factor at times users plan to make choices between the Google Maps and Tomtom Maps. Now, it depends upon the user which one he/she chooses? The reason behind the same is that the better your choice is, the better are chances to experience the joy of navigation without any worries.


In every sector of life, choice matters. Whether we talk about travel, aviation, sports, and other categories, GPS maps cater to all the forthcoming requirements so that the users may traverse the unknown territories of various parts of the world. Furthermore, it is imperative to update the outdated maps so that you can much easily track your waypoints even at construction sites. Also, the mentioned-above parameters can assertively help various users to choose between Google Maps and Tomtom Maps.

Ifin case you get stuck at making such important choices don't spare a moment invisiting our informative blogs and hit the roads with the cult-classicspecifications of the devices you prefer to mount on the car's space.

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