Chapter 28

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Amanda and Sam POV

Raven am freaking out right
Why what's wrong? I have a date with Sam tonight, yeah that wonderful so what the problem? The problem is that i don't even know what to wear She told me to wear something casual, casual! I don't even know what that means right now
calm down babe, breath in,breathe out, I know you are nervous and I know its been a while you have done something like this so tell me why you are so nervous.
You have been on dates but have not seen you this nervous before so what is this really about. I think i'm in love with Sam,
You think or you know you are in love with her I smirked wiggling my eyebrows at her
Alright! i am in love with her and I know it's too early. I don't even know if she feels the same way about me, have not even introduced her to the kids yet, my kids don't even know I am dating a woman. How will I explain this to them? I don't want them to hate me.
Amanda your kids can never hate you they love you so much they only want to see you happy and if Sam makes you happy then go for it I know Sam likes you a lot, alright why don't you ask your kids about it, what no!
Kids get in here your mom want to tell you something,
Mom is everything alright? Daniel asks, Yes everything is fine dear gosh why am I so nervous around my own kids, so what do you want to tell us mom, wel-l well I don't know how you guys will feel about this but am seeing someone and she is a girl, a girl! mom are you a lesbian Danielle said, how does she even know that word she must have notice the way I was looking at her.she just rolled her eyes
Mom I know what it means my friend have two mothers and she told me
So you are okay with it I mean you are not......
Mom we are okay with it but we want to see this woman you are going on a date with tonight, how did you know I was going on a date? They just looked at my bed. You always scattering your cloth when you want to go out, and we might have overheard you saying you have a date to aunt Raven before I could say something else someone knocked, don't worry I will go check who is there why don't you get dressed
I asked her out finally, I was so nervous she makes me nervous but am calm now, like hell I am look at me it's just six and am already on my way to her house when I told her I will pick her up around seven
I knocked on the door and Raven opened it
Hi Raven how are you, am fine Sam come in Amanda is still getting dressed, well I brought chocolate for the kids and flowers for Amanda
That nice of you let me call the kids, she left me with the kids telling me that Amanda needed her help with something, why am i so nervous around this kids,yea they are Amanda's kids and am trying to impress them what should I even say to them, hi am Sam what your name, am Daniel,this is Danielle and Daniella its a pleasure to meet you Sam, wow what a polite kid, I bought this for you guys I hope you like chocolate
Yes! Chocolate Thank you Sam,
You are welcome kids
So what do you like about my mom?they asked well your mom is beautiful, she's smart, I love her smile.
Well we like you Sam but promise us you won't hurt mom?
I promise i won't hurt her, then they hugged me I was shocked
looks like my kids like you, I turned and I was amazed by what she was wearing I was just staring at Amanda she looks so beautiful in that short gown I was speechless until I heard her kids laughing at something their mother said, I didn't even know when she got close all I could say was Hi, how are you? Am fine
can we go now! sure Bring her back by eleven Daniel said when I opened the door for his mother
Don't worry kids I will bring are back before that
The date was great I mean we had fun I was thinking she was taking me to a restaurant but nope we went to have fun at this park were we sat and had our date, we talked and got to know more about each other and I liked the fact that she was asking about my kids she even said "maybe our next date we can all go camping or fishing I was like we? I mean you, me and your kids if that is okay with you" Wow what my ex didn't even do with his own kids that is to spend time with them but Sam want to do that which am grateful for but I did tell her I will ask the kids about it, she dropped me off before eleven and she gave me a goodnight kiss on the lips which got me smiling like crazy when I got in the kids were already sleeping even Raven then I got a message from Sam saying "goodnight love, I had a great time hope we can do this again sometime" yep Am in love.
Ethan birthday was coming up nobody knows am pregnant yet except Amanda and she has been helping me plan his birthday, they all seem very happy that his birthday is tomorrow my parent and Ethan 's parent have been smiling like there is no tomorrow am even thinking they might know am pregnant, do they know?
I know it's too soon but I just want to spend the rest of my life with her, yes! you guess that right am going to propose to her again, I know it's soon but I love Raven and I want us to be together as a family with our daughter, I already have the perfect ring I told my family during dinner that I wanted to marry Raven my mom was like "finally! I thought you would never propose"
Son don't you think it's too early? don't get me wrong, you just got back together.
I know mom but I love Raven so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.
Today is my birthday I hate celebrating it that why have been at work since morning but I got a call from my daughter telling me to come home she was even crying God I hope everything is alright as I got inside all I saw was people singing happy birthday song to me I was shocked everyone was here even my siblings are here I am so happy right now I just dragged Raven and kissed her
Everyone was giving me present even my little angel gave me teddy bear, last but not the least was Raven she gave me a card and told me to open it she was just smiling,
Inside the card was a write up saying "you are going to be a father" I just looked at her and started crying are you serious? she just nod her head crying too everyone was just wondering what was happening before I shouted
Am going to be a father people, Raven is pregnant we are having a baby everyone was so happy congratulating us
Son I think this is the right time for you to propose. I went up to Raven and knelt down and said "Raven I know it's too early but I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

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