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The inside of the complex wasn't in the best shape either. But that was the least of Ryujin's worries as she chased Yuna down. She had to admit, Yuna was fast. Maybe it was part of some kidnapping program her father put her in or something.

Yuna pushed people out the way, and Ryujin had to apologize quickly to them before continuing after the younger. It didn't really come as a shock to Ryujin that Yuna seemed to know exactly what apartment to look for. It was still creepy, though, and it made her feel uncomfortable.

Yuna suddenly kicked at a door on the left. The doors were made out of painted wood, so it didn't take long for her to kick a hole into it. People poked their heads out of doors and stood in the hallway, merely watching along with Ryujin, who kind of wanted to stop Yuna but didn't want to get shot.

"It's unlocked!" Someone helpfully replied.

Yuna stopped kicking the door, let out a huff, then opened the door and marched in. Ryujin hesitated before approaching the door—




People scattered, some going back in their homes and others straight-up running out of the building. Ryujin was about to run out as well, and was surely about to, when she heard loud crying from inside the room. She didn't want to. She really, really didn't want to, but she slowly made her way to the door of the apartment Yuna was in.

The girl was slumped over on the floor, gun beside her. The apartment looked nearly brand new, besides the holes in the walls, and one in the ceiling. Yuna's back was to her, but Ryujin didn't have to see her face to know how distraught she was.

In all honesty, Ryujin kinda felt bad for Yuna. Not excusing her horrible behavior, but Yuna was only trying to avenge her father. Her father who must've treated her like garbage because she was a girl, but still her parent who raised her. For a fleeting moment, Ryujin wondered where Yuna's mother was.

"All I wanted..." Yuna said through her sniffles, "...was for be proud...of me."

Ryujin didn't know whether Yuna knew she was in the room or not, so she decided to stay silent and wait.

"...I wasn't supposed to end up like my brothers...They're in jail and I'm not, because nobody would suspect me of doing anything like this..."

Yuna wiped her nose and began to stand, Ryujin missing when Yuna's shaky fingers reached for the gun.

"But now...what does it matter?"

Yuna spun around with the gun in a lazy grip. Ryujin froze, her eyes focused on the weapon.

"The police will be here any minute, your little friends are too far away on that dumb scooter. If I can't kill him, then his daughter is the next best thing."

Yuna aimed the gun, her flushed face and red, swollen eyes making her look even angrier and more threatening. Ryujin stupidly stood there, unable to move for some currently unknown reason. Even when she saw Yuna's finger wrap around the trigger, she couldn't do anything. Aside from close her eyes as she started to cry herself, but for a completely different reason.

"Freeze! Police!" She heard a man yell behind her.

But it was too late.


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