Chapter 12 - Progress

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My gaze snapped to where Cole was standing across the car park leaning against Xander's flashy blue sports car. He waved lazily at me to alert me of where he was.

I trudged my way across the car park to meet him, shying away from another onslaught of student's stares that Cole's voice attracted.

My mind was muddled with contradicting feelings: I was irritated, my brothers had embarrassed me on my first day of school, but at that moment the fear of my brother's reactions overpowered anything else I was thinking.

How could I be so stupid? I had only been in their care for a week and a half and I was already breaking rules.

Why? This was so unlike me. Part of me scolded myself for being so damn stupid while the other begged me to express how ridiculous these rules were to my brothers.

I was so conflicted. I hated it.

When I neared, I noticed that Xander hadn't arrived yet, thank god. His words 'this conversation isn't over yet' still rang in my head like a broken record and the apprehension of that promised 'conversation' was eating me alive.

When Cole came into view, I quickly noted with disappointment that the blonde cement girl Cole was with at lunch was all over him, running her hand down his chest flirtatiously. 

However much discomfort and awkwardness watching her fawn over my brother caused me, part of me was grateful that she was unintentionally distracting Cole from being angry with me.

He seemed more relaxed now with his blonde hanging from his arm and practically drooling over him.

"This is Emm-" Cole started when I eventually neared, standing a couple of feet in front of the couple (if that's what they were?), awkwardly.

"Ella," the blonde interrupted with a small frown on her face, but not removing her hand from his chest.

I think I prefer cement girl.

"Yeah, Ella," he corrected carelessly as if her name was unimportant. He turned back to me, "You saw her at lunch."

I wanted to tell Cole that I didn't really get to see much of blonde cement girl at lunch as Cole dragged her away (to do god knows what) before I got a proper introduction.

However, remembering the current position I was in, I just gave a nod, not wanting to remind Cole of me breaking the rules at lunch.

"Alright then, hop in, Xander'll be here in a bit," Cole opened the back door and gave me a gentle push on my back into it.

I didn't miss the glare that the blonde, Emm-I mean Ella, sent me.

I shut the door and watched in disgust at how she leant in and practically sucked my older brother's face-off, I turned my face in the other direction so I didn't have to witness any of that and buckled up my seatbelt.

When I turned back around, blonde cement girl was sauntering off in the other direction and swaying her hips as she went.

Cole jumped in the front passenger seat with a satisfied grin on his face. Ew, ew, ew.

He looked through the revue mirror and gave me a smirk, "Something the matter?"

Your lack of standards, "Nope," I smiled.

If Cole really was serious about her, I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I'd support it of course.

However, I was mostly sure that this wasn't a serious relationship. Harley had warned me multiple times that the twins were both 'players'.

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