Chapter 24

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Spencer's POV

We are half way through this week, Aiden being worn out by school. He arrives home, comes up to our bedroom where I'm laying on the bed, and falls straight onto the bed face first.

"Are you okay?" I ask, wondering why he's acting like this.

"I'm just exhausted, the stress of my upcoming birthday and ceremony, and school on top of that... it's just all too much," he says is a tired voice.

"Let me help..." I say as I climb onto his lower back and start massaging his shoulders.

I work my hands hard into his muscles, working out knots and tight areas. Aiden moans in pleasure, supposedly enjoying my massage.

His moan makes an area of my body harden. I can tell he feels it poking into his back, because he flips over so he is facing me. I blush at the position we are in, Aiden making it worse when he flips us so now I'm on my back.

He rubs me through my shorts, making myself harden even more. I groan, never having felt this before. I move my hips to get more friction, enjoying this feeling. He chuckles before taking off our shirts.

Aiden takes his off slowly, showing all this muscles. His arms flex when grabbing the bottom of his shirt, and then lift when pulling it over his head.

I almost moan just looking at his bare chest, his almost eight pack looking so delicious.

He leans down to kiss me passionately, his soft lips hitting mine in searing bliss. The feeling of his mouth on mine makes my toes curl, it's all consuming.

Slowly, he pulls off my shorts, teasing me. His fingers touch the waistband of my boxers, making me groan in annoyance. Just have sex with me already!

Smirking at my impatience, he slowly pulls his pants off, leaving us both in our boxers. He pulls me up by my hair, bringing me into another heated kiss. I like it rough, so I moan at the slight pain rushing through my skull.

He smirks into the kiss and tugs on my hair roughly, leaving my neck ready for his assault. He attacks my neck with so much force, I'm laying back on the bed again. Kissing my mark, sparks erupt all over my body, making me feel so amazing that I can't handle it.

Continuing to attack my mark, he growls, "Mine," before biting it gently, sending tingles up my spine.

That's all it takes for us to start our mating.

It's rough and passionate, yet he's somehow gentle, as it's my first time. He goes at my pace, always asking for consent before going an extra step.

This was the most amazing night of my life.

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