Chapter 8 - Bullets and Tell?

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September 6, 2017

2.10 am, Cancun, Mexico

Meanwhile, outside the closed office door. Two guards stand opposite each other.

"Bernado is having too much fun again." The guard on the left says to the other in Spanish.

"Should we check on him?" The guard on the right asks.

"And ruin his fun?" The guard on the left responds, "No, I want my turn after."

Suddenly a knife hits the left eye of the guard on the right while the one on the left slumps to the floor with a blood trail on the wall behind his head. The sound of a gunshot catches up to the bullet. Shade then shoots the last guard who's screaming. She proceeds to the office door, gun pointed. The door opens to reveal the bloody face of the 40 year old guard in a firm chokehold.

"Now be a good boy and answer our questions." Wave asks.

"Chinga tu madre!" The guard says, spitting at Shade.

Shade points the gun at the guard's left leg and shoots it while staring into the man's eyes. Wave releases her chokehold as if expecting the action, leaving the man to crumble onto the floor. She unlocks her handcuffs with the keys on the desk then rubs her free wrists.

"Let's try that again." Wave says, "I ask, you answer. If you don't, the nice lady will shoot you."

"Where are the men?" Wave asks.

"Through the doors, across the hall." The guard responds.

"And how many guards?" Wave asks.


"Good boy! Keep behaving and I might give you a real kiss." Wave says, "Now, how do we get above ground?"

"There are stairs on the left or elevators on the right." The guard says.

"How many levels are there?"

"Four total."


"This level is for prisoners. The one below is for an incinerator and storage. The one after is for labs. The final one is a barracks and other offices."

"An incinerator?"

"To dispose of the bodies."

Wave ponders then asks, "How did you lot manage a full-blown operation down here?"

"I don't know."

"Uff, another lie. Gonna cost you."

As if on cue, Shade shoots the man's other leg.

"TUNNELS! There are tunnels on the lowest level. We use them to move undetected."

"Clever." Wave asks, "But why do you need such an elaborate compound?

"That is because of the Mad Scientist's plans but I don't know what they are."

"Then why are you working here?"

"Because of the money! Please, I have told you all I know so let me go."

"You have been a good boy. But two more questions, how many guards are on the other floors?"

"None on the surface and maybe a dozen beneath but I'm not sure. They're not my men."

"So they are Mad Scientist's men?"

"Yes, his direct subordinates."

"He's not your direct boss?"

"No! I am part of Yao. Mad Scientist and his men are part of some foreign company."


"I don't know. Their packages are branded S.R. Inc."

Wave ponders. She stares back at Shade who is still pointing the gun at the guard. Seeing no responses, Wave turns then asks, "Last question, how do we access your security system?"

"No password. The instructions are in English."

"Good boy. Here's your kiss." Wave says, about to lean in for a kiss.

Bang! Bang!

"You're no fun, Shade." Wave says, watching the dead man collapse, "One of these days, you are gonna be the bait instead."

Shade is already out of the door, switching to the AK47. Wave operates the computer, unlocking the prison doors. The prisoners nervously step out. Some of them had seen the Hollywood-grade action that Shade performed so they were rightly terrified.

"Ladies! If you want to live, follow our instructions." Wave shouts as she steps into the prison hallway, "Mariah, I will need you to translate."

Mariah nods her head then makes her way towards Wave.

"Tell them we are here to save them but we need them to follow our instructions." Wave says.

As Mariah translates the message to the group, Wave turns to Shade and asks, "Any plan to save the boys?"

"Belarus." Shade responds.

"Hmm." Wave says, "Mariah, tell everyone to hide in these last two prison cells and be quiet."

As the crowd moves into position, Wave makes her way back to the controls while Shade moves to the main door.

The bottom right of the computer screen reads 2.14 am.

"Alright, let's start a panic." Wave says as she triggers the fire alarm.

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