Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

“Come on, Brewster! You can’t not talk to me forever,” Jackson said as I rushed around to get ready for my next and final date.

“I bet I can try,” I retorted, annoyed at her.

This whole plan had been a disaster so far. Two dates, two duds, and it wasn’t even over yet.

Screw the sisterhood. I was done.

            Of course, that wasn’t true. I’d never be done with my sisters. In fact, I knew that as soon as I finished getting dressed and putting on mascara, I’d pile into the Prius and allow them to take me to wherever Harley’s guy was waiting for me.

            In the end, I’d do anything for them.

            Even endure awful date after awful date.

            “I thought you’d like him!” Jackson exclaimed. “He’s not a poser like so many other guys our age. He says what he means and means what he says. With Pierce, what you see is what you get.”

            “And that’s why I ask you once again, ‘why would you ever think that I would want to be with someone like that?’ ” I asked. “He was rude…”

            “Or was he honest?” Jackson mused.

            “Egotistical…” I continued.

            “Confident in who he is,” Jackson said.

            “And pushy,” I finished.

            Harley laughed. “So in other words, he’s just like Jackson.”

            “I’d say I resent that statement, but the truth is, I don’t,” Jackson said, raising her nose into the air. “I stand by my choice. You need someone who’s strong, Brewster.”

            “And I agree, Jackson,” I said, finally turning to look at her. “But Pierce is not him.”

            “Fiiine,” Jackson moaned, frustratedly. Then in a huff, she stomped toward the door of my room. “I think I need to change.”

            “Oh, no,” Sawyer said, her eyes growing wide. “You know what that means.”

            “Don’t worry about her, Brew,” Harley said, easily. “Tonight’s going to be different. Jett is way laid back.”

            “You set her up with someone named, Jett?” Sawyer asked, raising an eyebrow.

            “Because Harley and Brewster are such normal names,” she countered, sarcastically.

            Sawyer let that one go. But I didn’t. It wasn’t the name that made me nervous. It was the fact that Harley had picked him. Which meant that he’d be every bit as dangerous as she was. Sitting in a coffee house or a dark theater, I could handle. But sky-diving? Rock climbing? Just kill me now.

            Jackson stomped back into the room wearing a sweatshirt that read, Haters Gonna Hate.

            I sighed. “Lets go.”

*          *          *          *

Jett was different than how I pictured him to be. Sure, he wore his hair in spiky tufts on top of his head and dressed in all black, but he didn’t come off as tough or stand-offish. Instead, he actually had a great attitude and his cheeks showed off huge dimples when he smiled.

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