The Story of Lily: The Stormy night

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Lily had just come back inside from playing with some of her friends at the orphanage. It had seemed like a perfectly normal day but there was some feeling hanging in the air; it just wasn't right. Everyone seemed to ignore it though and went about their normal activities. Later in the evening it started to rain, it didn't bother anyone and even some of the children enjoyed the rain pouring down outside. The rain continued for quite some time and before anyone knew it, it was time to go to bed. Thunder and lightning began to accompany the rain as the children crawled into their beds to go to sleep. Lily went to bed but she didn't sleep. The relentless pounding of rain against her window and the constant claps of thunder made it too hard for her to sleep. She tossed and turned as she tried to rest, but she just couldn't. She sighed softly as she laid in her bed motionlessly, giving up on sleep, at least for now. She started to feel uneasy after about an hour of laying there. She seemed to be the only one awake, at least in the room she was in. Lily heard a large clap of thunder and sat up abruptly in her bed. She was completely restless and she couldn't take it anymore. She slipped silently out of her bed and crept out of the room she shared with a couple other children. Lily proceeded to sneak into the hallway, her bare feet making no noise against the smooth, wood floor. She felt strange, like something bad was going to happen. She tried to ignore the feeling as she walked along the hall slowly. She soon began to count the amount of seconds between the thunder and lightning. Lily would hear a large clap of thunder then she would carefully count the seconds before the lightning would flash in the windows. It seemed if by the second the storm was getting closer and closer. She had thought to herself to tell the orphanage caretaker that slept just down the hall, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She felt her fear grow as she walked silently towards the front door of the building. Lily couldn't help but feel that she should leave and she suddenly decided to just go. She opened the door slowly and took a shaky step outside into the raging storm. From this point on it came naturally to just keep walking. Not a second after she stepped fully off of the porch of the orphanage, disaster struck. Lightning hit the building and the intense heat spontaneously sent the building ablaze. The first thing she was able to register was the hopeless screams from the children inside of the orphanage. They were haunting screams, ones you only hear in nightmares. She could only imagine the hell that must be going on inside the building. All of the people, her friends, just struggling to escape the inferno incasing them. Lily knew no one would escape, she just had the feeling. So she let instinct take over and she began to run. She ran as if her life depend on it. Even though the rain was pouring down so hard she could barely see or hear, she just kept running, even though she didn't know where her feet were taking her. Lily continued to run until she felt the ground suddenly disappear from under her feet and she went tumbling down a steep hill. She could feel as the plants on the hill relentlessly cut and dug into her skin as she tumbled down the hill. She would scream as her body was tossed about like a ragdoll as she fell. Lily suddenly slammed face first into a grouping of rocks and screamed as the sharp edges of the rocks cut into her face. She felt particularly large cuts in two spots, one under her eye and another right by her mouth. As her head impacted against the hard, flat ground at the bottom of the hill she lost consciousness. The rain continued to pour down on her limp, beaten body.

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