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As me and Hayes comes down the stairs,Sky runs up to Hayes and hugs him and then gives me a hug.We instantly clicked as she started talking about horses.

We get into the dining room as the adults greet us as we sit down.
"So Hayes,what school do you go to?"asks mum
"I go to bridgewood high"replied Hayes
"Oh that's where Y/N is going"says my dad
"Well if you wanted Hayes to walk to school with her and show her around you'd do that wouldn't you Hayes"asks Liz."sure,mom"says Hayes.

After dinner and the Griers went home,I went into my room and got my clothes ready for tomorrow.Then I get my iPad and Skype Kate..

"Hey!did you meet your neighbours?!"kate asks
"Yes they were really nice,I'm walking to school with one of the boys,Hayes"I say."oooh,so are ya nervous for tomorrow?"Kate asks."yeah I guess but knowing at least one person will help"I say."yeah sure,well have a good day,girlfriendd!"says Kate."i will"i say

I then go to sleep prepared for tomorrow or atleast that's what I thought..

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