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It was a starry night, Amane layed on the school's roof while Nene talked with her friend Aoi in the distance. The school decided that his class would do a space related event, specifically as how Tsuchigomori says; 'looking at the stars and space stuff'. Instead of admiring the stars most of the time he spent it looking at the white haired girl, by accident or not.

For everyone else it was painfully obvious Amane had a crush on Yashiro, by the way he teased her to how he looked at her. Of course Nene didn't ever notice it because she was the type of person to excuse any signs as her overthinking about it, even if it was evident. They have been hanging out a lot recently and would be considered as close friends or inseparable.

As the night went on everyone decided to go home, only a few people stayed including the duo.
Nene yawned for the nth time "Nene-chan, are you sure you're not sleepy?" She laughed lightly.

"It's okay Ao-chan! I'll stay here a little bit more.." She clearly was sleep deprived despite assuring her it was okay.

Some time later her best friend had to step in "Yashiro, let's go home" Amane grabs her arm softly, she nodded and said goodbye to her friends.

Wait, how did Amane know where she lived?

They exited the school and hopped onto his bicycle, the wheels started to roll and they went in an entirely different direction from the place they lived in.

"Amane slow down, we could crash. I don't want us to get into trouble!" The boy only laughed.

Yashiro hugged the oldest Yugi tightly so she wouldn't be sent flying by the wind.

By the time they arrived Nene noticed it was a small area surrounded by many trees. It was very deserted but you could see the stars even clearer than before.

"Weren't we supposed to go 'home'?"
"Yeah this is my home."

Yashiro laughed and the boy tilted his head, confused. "Amane-kun, you live in a forest?"

He shook his head, "N-NO IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!"

"It's just.. For me, home means a place you feel comfortable in. Why even call the place you live in a 'home' if you don't like it?" Yashiro, despite being his best friend, didn't know what was happening in Amane's house. It sounded like he was mistreated by that statement.

She sat down next to him, "Are you okay?"

"Look!" He cut her off, pointing to a star. Yashiro thought he didn't want to talk about it so she didn't poke the subject anymore, but she would question it on later events.

Above them a very bright star shined in the dark sky, they chatted for a while and watched the stars. Once again Nene felt sleepy and put her head on his shoulder.

Maybe she could consider being any place her home, as long as she is next to Amane.

- - - - -

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