broken mug

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yoongi: *sees his favorite mug broken* so..who broke not mad , i just want to know.

hoseok: i broke it.

yoongi: no , no you didn't. jungkook?

jungkook: don't look at me. look at taehyung.

taehyung: WHAT? i didn't break it.

jungkook: huh , that's weird , how did you know it was broken?

taehyung: it's sitting in front of us and it's broken!

jungkook: ...suspicious-

taehyung: no it's not-

jimin: if it matters , jin was the last one near it.

seokjin: whaaat? i don't even drink in that crap.

jimin: oh yeah? then why did i see you at the coffee machine earlier?

seokjin: i use the wooden spoon to pUSH BACK MY CUTICLES EVERYONE KNOWS THAT-

hoseok: jin! let's not fight okay? i broke it , let me pay for it yoong-

yoongi: NO! who broke it?

taehyung: yoongi..namjoon has been quiet this whole time.

namjoon: oh really?

taehyung: YES!

*everyone starts screaming and arguing*

yoongi: [to the camera] i broke it. it burnt my hand so i punched it. i bet ten minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with war paint  on their faces and a pig head on a stick.

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