Forgetting Arlo (4)

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Lily's POV

Monday rolled over quicker than I thought and hoped. After attending the party on Friday night, I spent the weekend catching up on schoolwork. I didn't see a lot of Amber—when she woke up on Saturday, she had a banging headache. On Sunday, she had to focus on her homework too.

I sat with Amber and her friends at breakfast. Iris, Esme and Josh are very nice. We are beginning to become good friends. What helps is that they are so welcoming.

My first lesson is English. I enter the small classroom, noting there aren't many chairs.

I slide into a seat close to the front and place my equipment on the table in front of me. Students filter into the room, noisily. A few spare a glance at me and smile. I return them, happily. I have never felt so welcome before. It is a peculiar feeling that I can't help but love. My heart elates and my smile grows bigger. I am going to like here. Like really like it here.

My eyes return to the door just as a familiar face enters the room.


He saunters into the room confidently, with a beautiful smile on his handsome face. His enchanting green eyes land on me and stay on me.

My heart rate picks up—it beats so fast I'm surprised it's not springing out of my chest.

He makes his way over to me and pulls out the chair next to my desk. I watch him nervously, mentally freaking out. After Friday night, I couldn't get Bailey out of my head. He consumed all of my thoughts—preventing me from having a peaceful weekend. There is something about him that draws me to him. It's not the mate pull—it's not as intense. However, it is something romantic.

"Hi," He greets, smoothly. His beguiling voice sends shivers of pleasure down my spine. Gulping audibly, I open and close my mouth like a fish out of water.

The words I want to say refuse to leave my mouth. God, why can't I talk to this guy? I didn't have this problem with Arlo.

He appears amused by my problem. A chuckle escapes his lips and flows through the air.

"Do I leave you speechless, Lily?" He asks me, leaning in closer.

With wide eyes, I shake my head.

He arches an eyebrow, not believing my silent answer for a second. "Then why don't you talk?"

"I—I just felt like taking a vow of silence," I stutter, coming up with a lame excuse.

His eyes fill with laughter.

"A vow of silence?" He repeats, more to himself than me. "Are you raising money for charity?"

Oh god, what have I got myself into?

"N—no, I was practising it. Just in case." I deny. Why won't the ground swallow me whole now?

"Just in case what?"

He knows I'm lying. He knows he has an effect on me. This is just a game to him. I must look so pathetic to him.

"In case I do take a vow of silence." I reluctantly tell him, bowing my head.

Thankfully, our teacher decides to finally make an appearance, preventing Bailey from teasing me anymore.

"Alright class, we are going to dive straight into the lesson. I want you to start reading chapter 10 of To Kill A Mockingbird and write down anything that calls out to you." He announces. Everybody immediately begins working whilst the teacher collapses onto his uncomfortable chair. He starts marking, leaving us to it.

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