Chapter 15

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Hermione's POV

Her new friends quickly turned towards the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Even though Hermione didn't recognize him, he still looked somewhat familiar.

"Hey, we're just normal wizard and witches," Percy said, somewhat protective, "right Piper?"

Piper seemed to understand whatever Percy was doing as she quickly backed him up, "Yea, but we're Americans though. I bet that's why you noticed something different about us."

"And Canadian," Frank pointed out.

"But don't worry sir, we'll be smelling like crumpets and roundabouts in no time," Leo said as he stroked his chin very British-like.

They sat down in the front row and were disappointed when they looked around and saw that they would have the class with the Slytherins.

Hermione looked back at the teacher. Something about him bothered her. He was tall land looked to be in his thirties with green eyes and brown hair streaked with gray. When everyone was seated, he walked over to the blackboard and grabbed a stub of chalk.

"Hello, everyone. As you can probably tell, I'm new here." As he wrote his name on the board, Hermione heard murmurs from her classmates, Henry Lupin. "But you will all refer to me as Professor Lupin, and yes, I am related to Remus Lupin, your old Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. He was my cousin. "

A hand shot up from one of the Slytherins, "Are you a werewolf too?"

"No," the professor said, "but I do know a lot about the subject. Maybe I should tell you all more about myself." 

The class nodded, obviously wanting to know more about him.

He smiled proudly, and somewhat slyly, "I was once a student here at Hogwarts too, Ravenclaw to be precise, and even though I had come from a family of wizards, I had always been fascinated in the subject of different species. I'm not talking about cats and dogs, or trees and flowers, or even dragons and pegasi. I'm talking about human-like species."

There were a few confused looking faces around the classroom.

Professor Lupin (which Hermione felt weird referring him as) sighed, "Think about it a little more, it's not just muggles and wizard in this world," He seemed get more excited as he went on, "Werewolves, vampires, centaurs, mermaids. The list goes on and on. I've traveled the world and studied for years about this subject. Some are more known to us than others, and some, we can't even be completely sure exist. Theres so many, yet we still keep thinking that the world revolves around us,  we keep thinking that wizards are the main kind."

"Teacher?" Hermione looked around to see Draco Malfoy sitting in near the back with his Slytherin friends.

"You will address me as Professor Lupin," he said from the front. "Anyways, what is it..." He quickly looked at the name list, "Draco?"

"Is this all we're going to learn about this year?" Malfoy answered rudely.

Professor Lupin smiled back, "Well, seeing that you take great interest in this," he said sarcastically, "I will assign it as your homework. Write me a paper about this by next week. This will include everyone."

Hermione heard groaning and complaining from around the room but she thought that it sounded interesting.

When class ended, she and her friends went over to the library to do research. 

"I hate Draco," Ron grumbled, "Not only is he a jerk, he also scored us a writing assignment on the first day of school. 

"He sort of reminds me of someone," Percy said. "He might as well start stabbing stuffed animals with a dagger as sacrifices." She had absolutely no idea what he meant by that but the new students seemed to understand and laughed.

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