Chapter Seventeen: The Fall-

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    Finn kept eyeing me from across the road with that flirtatious smile he should have been famous for. I was stood between Tyler and Tony, leaning up against a wall outside a busy pub. I really didn't need Finn causing trouble while the two of them were around.

    Tyler was at least willing to be around me without completely ignoring me, so that was a start. I didn't want to be sent back to square one because Finn couldn't keep himself under control.

    I wasn't entirely sure why I wanted to be around Tyler. I guess I'd never fully given up hope that he harboured some kind of feelings for me, despite his confession.

    After Finn made certain hand gestures that indicated he was going to cross the road, I kicked myself off from the wall and decided to beat him to it. I didn't need another confrontation between him and Tyler. I'd seen enough bruises and split lips to last me a lifetime.

    Before I could take a single step forward, Tyler had grabbed me by my upper arm and said in a low voice, “where you goin'?” while also side-glancing the general vicinity of where Finn was lingering.

    I narrowed my eyes and replied with slight suspicion, “for a walk...? Why, what's the problem?”

    “Nothin', I jus',” he shrugged, eyes once again falling over to Finn. I followed his gaze with an annoyed sigh, yanking my arm out of his grip.

    “God, Tyler, you have got to stop doing this to me. Either you want me or you don't, make up your bloody mind so I can move the hell on,” it was a pretty good feeling to finally be able to voice my honest thoughts.

    Tyler went quiet, looked physically depressed as his body sunk back against the wall, his eyes falling back into their usual cold darkness. He seemed so lonely, I had to wonder how he lived like that. Why was it so hard for him to let someone in?

    Was he really being honest with me when he said what he said, last night? Or was it just a ploy to push me away? Because damn it was working if it was. I wish there was some way I could reach him. Push through his chest and hold his heart in my hand, give it some warmth inside its icy environment.

    It was his actions that spoke louder than his words. Pulling me back, asking me where I was going when he knew full well I was going to see Finn. I was sick of trying to leave his world and then him just pulling me straight back in with small gestures that shouldn't really mean anything, but do.

    I left him with a frown on his face, crossing the road and forcing myself not to look back as I joined Finn on the other side of the road. He greeted me far too enthusiastically, throwing his arm around my shoulder and pulling me against him.

    There was an aura of disappointment hanging over my head. I was sure Finn noticed it as he wrapped his chilled fingers around my chin, digging his nails into my cheeks as he shook my face from side to side.

    “What's got you so glum, buddy?” he grinned beside me. I tried to speak but the words were muffled from the fact that my lips were squished into a pout from Finn's hold. He eventually caught on and released me, though I wouldn't be surprised if he'd left bruises behind where his fingers had been.

    “I got my heart broken,” I murmured, leaning into Finn's warmth. I noticed he was wearing a school uniform. “Why're you still in your school clothes?” I nipped my fingers at his tie, tugging on it before flicking it up in his face.

    He shrugged. “I couldn't be bothered getting changed cause Maleek was still there. But hey, don't change the subject. So your not-boyfriend boyfriend finally broke it off with you?”

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