● Sacrifices ●

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          I love you unconditionally. You're my Bunny. Nothing in this messed up world could ever replace you. That's why I have to do this. Your happiness is worth my life. He makes you happy, Baby. I see it in your eyes everyday.
       This way we can both be happy. I'll be with my mom and you'll be with that hunk. He'll keep you safe. I'm more than positive.

      I've done my part as your protector. You've given me more love than I've given you. You're my angel.
      By the time you've finished reading this, I'll be gone. My heart will be some place else. You'll know where. Let's just hope my gayness isn't attached to my heart.....all jokes!

    I really love you, Bunny. It hurts me to leave you like this. But it will hurt me more seeing you live on in sadness.

   Please forgive me. I'll always be with you.

                                                                - Dale.

It has been hours.

I sat on the floor re-reading the letter as I sat outside of the surgery room.

My heart was torn into a million pieces at this point. I felt like I was losing the both of them.

Like neither of them would return to me.

A sob left my lips and I pulled my knees to my chest, crying silently.

I couldn't lose Dale. He had been everything to me. My father, brother, Bestfriend, Guardian,

You name it. He stood up for me when nobody would. All the long, depressing days were over because of him.

Yet here we were, on either sides of the door. More tears flowed.

My sadness brought me weakness and soon, I was asleep on the hospital floor.


"Miss?" I heard someone call and I felt a slight poke on my arm.

I groaned loudly, ready to yell at the person for interrupting my death sleep.

"What?" I asked harshly, my voice groggy from sleeping.

I opened my eyes and waited for them to adjust in to the bright lights in the hallway of the hospital.

"The surgery is done. I'm sorry about your friend. But at least one of them is awake now." The doctor said and my sleepy eyes widened.

It's final. Dale's gone. I couldn't stop him.

And now Zayn is-

"He's...awake?" I asked and he nodded slowly before gesturing for me to walk into the room across the hallway.

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