Your first fight [part 2]

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Its pretty late when you arrive home. You've been walking the last 3 hours just to be able to think about the fight. Okay you mostly sat down on a bench, but you were outside for 3 hours.

When you pick up your phone you notice that Harry have called you 10 times. A sigh leaves you and you throw your phone in your bed before you start to change into more comfier clothes.

When you're done you hear the doorbell ringing, and because no one else is home you have to open the door yourself.

You walk down the stairs and as soon as you open the door you regret your choice.

"Please y/n, before you close the door" Harry says and instead of closing it, you look at him. Ready to listen.

"I'm so sorry for what I said. I know it was wrong and I didn't mean it, I just said it because I was upset and I didn't think before I talked. I can't stand fighting with you and to be honest I didn't think fighting with your partner would be this hard. So please forgive me, it sucks to know that you hate me"

"I don't hate you Harry, and it could be worse you know. You could have called me a whore or something" you say and laugh a little before Harry starts speaking again.

"I would never call you that"

"Yeah, I know, I know"

Harry wrap his arms around you and that hug is the best hug you've had in a long time.

"And y/n.." Harry says.

You look up at him and nod.


"I love you. Like, I love you so much" he says and you feel a little smile on your face.

You have never told each other that before.

"I love you too Harry, so so so much" you say and he kisses your lips. "Like really much, you don't even understand"

"I don't understand? I understand, because I love you more then that" he says and you start to giggle. "And I love everything about you, your lips, your laugh, your eyes, your smile, your hair, your body, your whole face. I love every little piece of you"

"I love you Harold"

"I love you y/n"

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