Late Presents

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Faiths P.O.V
I wake up the next morning. We didn't really do much just hang out I heard my moms bedroom door open. She didn't get home till around one this morning so she hadn't seen the guys yet. I climb out of bed not bothering to change out of my night clothes. I was wearing a white tank top and penguin pajama pants. It may have looks childish but they where sooooo comfy.

I see my mom sitting at the table as I join her. "Good morning." She says "we can open presents today" she continues I feel my eyes grow " I get presents!" I say with I smile and laugh "yep and mines probably the best" I hear Luke's voice say, causing me to laugh. "Morning" I say. I quickly eat breakfast fast and make my way up the stairs again grabbing clothes and taking a shower.
I quickly change and wave my hair. I make my way down the stairs to see everyone but my mom in the living room. I check out the window noticing her cars still here thank god. I sit between Calum and Luke as we talk waiting for my mom. When she finally comes down we all sit waiting for her to join us. "Ok who's first?" I ask and see Michael hand me a small box. I open it seeing that it's the new Divergent movie I laugh "Mickey how did you know I wanted this?" I ash laughing as I see him smile "well when you read the books you loved them and the movie came out and I figured you'd want it" I smile "thank you" I say giving him a hug. I get the next one from my mom "your gonna need this" she says handing me a small letter I open it to see a Rue 21 $50 gift card and a Forever 21 $50 gift card. I smile cause I'm gonna need it to buy some newer clothes. "That's a lot of money mum." I say skeptically. "Sweetheart you'll need it" why would I need it i think to myself then no longer wanting to think about it so, I pushing the thought away. Ash hands me his present in a bag I quickly open it to see a DVD in it I read the front Tour Memories. "We all made it for you" he says "thank you I'll watch it later" I hug him it's sweet he thought of it I really like it actually almost like I would have been there the whole time.
Next was Cals present I open it to find a stuffed banana causing me to laugh really hard. "Calum your a genius!" I see him smile "I'm glad you like it" the last one was from Luke I see him pull out a small envelope I open it carful not to rip whatever's inside. I pull out a small piece of paper. I could tell what it was till I looked closer. I'm going to America.

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