First thing that came out of my mouth  was 'Amazing'.

Indonesia welcomed us with the pouring rain and the refreshing smell of the earth that made me stop and inhale deeply, not wanting to forget the feelings it brought to my heart.

We haven't made any long conversation ever since the fight but I wanted to forget about it and just move on with this trip. Jesse seems to agreed as well, and continued normally as we walked outside the private plane towards the brick looking airport. There was no doubt some tension between us, but hopefully a few kisses will mend that up.

He bought two hot tea inside the airport before we headed into a hotel in Jakarta with a private car.

As we drove,  I sat close to Jesse, for the weather gave me chills. He wrapped his hand around me and the silence engulfed us into a peaceful bliss. Couldn't hold my eyes open any longer, I fell asleep to the sound of the rain, and racing droplets.

     "Hey," A voice whispered into my ear, I whined in frustration not wanting to be waken up when I feel so comfortable, I was having such a nice sleep, "baby you can sleep once we're inside."

He coed me to wake up once more and finally giving in, I slowly fluttered my eyes open, adjusting to the dim light of the vehicle. "Where are we?" My hoarse voice asked as I slowly untangled my self from Jesse warmth.    

"The hotel," he replied, "let's get inside so we can both rest for tomorrow's trip."

"Oh I thought we arrived already?"

He sent me a childish grin, "We will be after one more flight."

The next day we hit the next flight to Bali, our final holiday destination. The flight was short and I was so excited. Jesse showed me the website of the resort we were staying in and my excitement did get the best of me.

I was surprised to find a suitcase filled with clothing my size, but also frowning at the thought that he got me all this. I didn't want to be spoiled. It wasn't hard to pick an outfit, I knew what I wanted as soon as I laid eyes on the purple sarong , it was cut in half that exposed one of my middle thigh to the toe. Didn't want to dress too much for the humid weather, I paired it up with a black tank top, sunhat, sandals and sunglasses. I had become accustomed to wearing revealing bottoms to get rid of any suspicion, but it would never go above the middle part of my thigh because that was where my secrets lies.

Jesse of course being the crazy boyfriend that he was decided to match my outfit, with a pair of sandals, cargo short, black shirt and a cap. He looked so handsome and young. I was mesmerized by him yet once again.

"I hate that sarong," the blue eyed man said on the way to our resort. He poked my thigh several times and frowned. His eyebrows pulled together, making me chuckled at his childish behavior. I smoothed his hair and smile, "then you'll just have to enjoy it. "

"You are a tease Miss. Heart."

I lifted an eyebrow at his remark, while he just continued to pout like a baby while drawing circles on my exposed skin. I tried not to squirm from the ticklish feeling too much.

      An hour later we arrived in our resort and you wouldn't believe where we were staying. It was a cozy, but expensive looking hut that stranded itself in the middle of the shallow water of the ocean. It was amazing, definitely on of the best view I've ever seen, besides Jesse. The water shades in beautiful pattern from sandy white, to crystal light aqua and then to the darker shade of blue. The hut was more private, seeing my neighbor was couple of sands in the distance. The beaches were lined with palm trees, deck chairs and protective umbrella. As soon as Jesse directed us towards our hut mansion, I couldn't help to walked a bit faster than him, following the wooden decks that leads to the door.

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