Preparing for the first day

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After mum and dad prepared the table for dinner we ate a dinner when dad said "so do you like the new house?"
"Yes,dad it's huge"I reply "honey,we hate to move you away from your friends"my mum apologised "yeah mum it's fine,I actually like this change"I reply.

"Well that's good to hear"said my dad
"Thanks for the food,I'm gonna go to bed now because I'm super tired"I say
"Ok,dear"mum says

I go to my room and go to sleep..
Then I wake up at 8:30am the next morning,so I go down stairs and make myself cereal.I eat my cereal and go back up into my room where I have one missed call from Kate.

I immediately ring her back,
After 3 times of ringing she answers..
"Sorry Kate,was having breakfast"I say
"Oh so how's your new house?"kate asks
"It's amazing actually,but my mum will probably be meeting the neighbours today,as she told me I'm the car"I say
"Ooh Y/N!tell me everything later!"Kate screams
"Yeah sure will Kate,listen I'm going now ok??"I say
"Yeah byeee"kate says

I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth,I then get dressed,do my hair,apply make up and just chill.

It's now 12:30pm and my mum calls from down stairs.
"Yeah mum?"i say
"We have met the neighbours next door and we invited them over for dinner tonight,dress nice."my mum says
"Ok!"I reply

I get dressed again into a nice little outfit as my mum cooks food,then there is a knock at the door.My dad answers as they come in.
"Hello mr and mrs Grier"says my dad
"Hello mr y/l/n,I'm Liz and this is Chad"says Liz
"I'm y/d/n, and you already met my wife"says dad.

"Yes,this is Hayes and this is Sky.Nash couldn't make it"she sighs.I walk down the stairs to meet eyes with Hayes,he has brown swept hair and mesmerising blue eyes."this is my daughter y/n"my dad says.I smile and greet everyone.

"Y/n why don't you take hayes upstairs while food is cooking"my dad asks
"Sure,it's this way"I point to my room

Hayes comes upstairs and says "wow you have a huge room" "yeah"I chuckle.
"My older brother,Nash couldn't come tonight since he's a bad boy.I guess he's out with his friends"says Hayes "oh"I say "so are you starting at Woodbridge high?"hayes asks."yes,tomorrow"I reply."oh cool,I go there and so does my old are you?"Hayes asks "I'm 16,you?"i say "I'm 15,watch out for my brother though,he always gets what he wants"Hayes warns me and I nod unsure of what he means.
"Diners ready!"mom shouts down.

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