I froze. What did he just say to me?

"...Uh... Exc... Excuse me? I, I uhh.." I stuttered and moved forward to set down my tea in my hand. I was shaking and it caused the tea to slosh and spill a tad until I finally got it resting fully on the saucer. I paused before looking up at Kale.

I wasn't sure what I expected him to say, really. Anything... Nothing... Just not to kill me.

Just thinking those words brought a shiver to my spine. The first year I was held captive, I prayed to the spirits and the Gods every night to spare me. I was sure that my Father was going to come in one day and end my life at any moment. I prayed constantly to prevent that. As time drug on, I lost hope of ever getting out. Soon, the despair I had been feeling turned to acceptance and then welcoming. I welcomed the day that I died. Death had to be better than the hell I had endured.

Now though, I was once again terrified of the prospect of dying. I was free; I had a man's love... I couldn't just die now.

"It's really quite simple if you think about it," Kale began before taking a sip of his herbal tea. I coughed out a laugh, sounding more like a bark and motioned for him to continue. Simple? Oh, well duh. Because killing someone was always simple. How could I be so dense?

I sat back and watched as Kale sipped his tea and looked back at me. I had a strong feeling he was purposely dragging this out. He probably got some sick enjoyment out of my stark raving fear.


"Well, you see, soul mates are directly linked to your wolf, my child. That is why only those who possess the Lycan gene can feel that bond. The human part of us simply cannot feel as deeply and as purely as our wolf half. We are so blinded by the greed and corruption of our day to day life that we do not feel the connection that the Gods have put into place for us. Our wolves, on the other hand, are so tightly bound and connected with the earth and all the spirits that it recognizes its true path. It is nature at its finest. Your wolf has retreated back into a sort of... hibernation. It has gone deep inside your soul, closer to your spiritual side, where it feels welcomed. We need to bring her back! We need to reattach her and your human half in order for you to fully recognize Lucas as your mate." He said.

I let it all sink in. It was really amazing, if you thought about it. The fact that half of me was so bound to the spirit world that she can retreat to it. I nodded, and began thinking it all over.

It was so much information, but I was still kind of stuck on the fact that I would have to die.

"Okay, I mean that all makes sense and all... but what about me dying? That seems a tad bit drastic..." I said, eyeing him.

"This is where it gets a tad un-simple." Kale said with a sigh.

My eyes widened.


Kale grimaced and went on. "We need to bring you to edge of death, to that in between state. It is a sort of limbo, where your body meets your soul and your spirit meets your flesh. It is the most delicate of places. We need to get you there and, to put it simply, push everything back over to the earthly side of things. You see, due to the fact that Lucas has recognized you as his mate, things will get complicated very quickly. Lucas has the connection made fully. You will begin to feed off of his connection because although you may not realize it, the bond is still there. That is why you do have some feelings for him already. They are not as intense or serious as Lucas's, but they are there none the less. The longer your bond is weaker that his, the harder this will be. We need to move swiftly in this process."

I was kind of stunned into silence. Limbo? Kill me? Soul meeting flesh? What the hell?

Just as I was about to explode, Lucas walked in the door.

I froze. As soon as I saw him, my heart sped up and tears threatened my eyes. I was so overwhelmed.

He was smiling however and I couldn't help but return it with a weak one of my own. He made eye contact with me and held it strong. It was so deep and intense. It made me squirm, but I couldn't let it go. Honestly though, I didn't want to.

He made his way over to me and stopped to stoop down to my level.

"Hello gorgeous," he said before smoothly leaning in and pressing his lips against mine. I felt my whole body unwind and I couldn't help but sink into it. I may not have felt my whole world focus in on him, and my spirit may not have melded into his, but I knew that something wonderful was happening to me. My stomach dropped and my heart sped up. I couldn't breathe and my hands somehow found their way to his hair. I held on for dear life. I felt his arms slip around my waist and pull me tighter against him. His lips began to love against mine, urging a response. I was about to lose it.

Until Kale cleared his throat. We broke apart and I felt a blush creep up my neck and pool onto my cheeks.

"Ahem, Amethyst why don't you go and take a stroll in the back gardens? They are lovely this time of year." Kale suggested, gesturing to the beaded doorway. I paused, slightly confused.

Then it dawned on me. Kale wanted to talk to Lucas, to explain. I was nervous, but for the most part I was relieved. I didn't have to explain to Lucas everything. I knew that I was chickening out of it, but I was okay with it!

I nodded but was pulled backwards into Lucas's chest before I could take one full step away. His grip tightened on me and I felt his head lower to my ear. He was behind me, so I couldn't see him but I felt his hot breath tickle my neck. Shivers raced down my body and my knees almost buckled.

"I don't want you to leave my side." He growled into my ear. I let out a small gasped at the delight that was coursing through me. His hot breath was doing crazy things to my brain. I wanted to turn and kiss him till we both were gasping for air. Instead of cringing away like part of me so screamed for me to do, I leaned back into him. I let all the chills rush over my body in waves and I relished in them. They felt so good.

I sighed and stepped away, much to Lucas's dismay. "I'll only be a bit." I said with a smile. I leaned onto my tippy toes and pressed my lips to his forehead and made my way to the door. I paused before walking through to glance back. Lucas had a look on his face like he was fighting the urge to run to me and pick me up and carry me back. This elated me and I smiled brightly before walking through the beads and into his kitchen.

I instantly spotted the glass door that led to his backyard and made my way out. It led me to a small stone patio that had four dirt and stone paths that branched out into trails. They were lined in bushes and trees. I decided to travel the farthest one to the right.

I tried not to think about all my feelings and my worries. I trusted Kale. He would fix this.

I sighed and squatted to smell the nearest flowers and tried to focus on the different plants and attempted to name them, to keep my mind off of things.

I was walking the trails for about twenty minutes before I heard the glass door close and footsteps land on the patio. I paused and started to head back towards the house. I was pretty far back but it only took me a minute or two to get close. I rounded a hedge and saw Lucas walked directly towards me.

I paused and was taken aback by his demeanor. His hair was jostled, like he had ran his hands through it several times. He had a crazed look to his eyes and a pained expression all over his face. He was frowning slightly. My heart clenched and I ran to him, wanting to soothe this worry from his beautiful face.

I got close enough and flung myself into his arms. They encircled me and I curried my face into his neck. It felt so good to be held by him this closely. Tears welled up in my eyes and I wanted to apologize to Lucas. I was such a burden. I was such a hassle. He was constantly saving, helping and fixing me.

Lucas ran his hands through my long hair and then cupped my face and moved it so I was looking at him.

"We will get through this, together." He whispered.

I stared deeply into his eyes and all I could do was nod. Yes, we would.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to my forehead and I let my tears fall. He wiped them away before moving to kiss my lips.

"Oh, my Amethyst...."

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