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hello I have risen from the deadd

hello I have risen from the deadd

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taehyung's voice rang out before them.

it wafted into the smaller's ears, deep, sultry, calm and dark as ever, but jeongguk didn't quite have time to comprehend the situation and run away. he remained curled up in a ball on the floor, far too busy blushing his embarrassing red blush and staring into the older's deep, deep, sparkling ebony eyes-

"what are you doing?" taehyung growled, snapping the younger out of his unexpected trance.

holy fuck.


what was he doing?

jeongguk didn't really know. jeez, he had to get out of this sticky situation! he should have stayed in the cafeteria with his hyungs! everything would have been fine but fuck- what was he supposed to do now?! he'd been caught red handed for something he hadn't planned in the first place.

"i asked you a question." taehyung lowered his voice, so so deep and hazy and oh lord, shit, shit, shit- he was in deep shit. taehyung was going to think he was spying on him! no!

jeongguk quickly scrambled to his feet, heart thumping wildly in his chest. there had to be some sort of mistake.

ruthless, cold-hearted, selfish boys like taehyung didn't... sing.

and not just sing.

he was incredible.


his voice was so harmonious and unique- so calming and soothing and intoxicating, jeongguk would never admit it, but he knew for a fact that he could sit for hours on end just listening to that same piece that he sang and never grow bored of it, it was hypnotic almost, the younger hadn't heard anything like it in his life, and he certainly wouldn't be forgetting about it any time soon..

"n-nothing!" he stuttered, taking a wobbly step back. with his legs feeling like jelly, he stuck a small hand out onto the wall to steady himself.

only, he didn't touch the wall.

his hand was on taehyung's chest.

"jeongguk-" taehyung repeated, but the tiny boy cut him off.

"fu-fuck i'm so sorry! i promise- i swear on my life that i didn't mean to intrude, i accidentally stumbled up here and you were playing so beautifully and i couldn't help but-"

"jeongguk." he said it again, a little more on the stern side of things for jeongguk's liking, he felt his heart leap in his chest.

"i promise! i-it was an accident, i wasn't spying, i'm respectful of people's privacy!"

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