You're What?! Pt. 1

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8:30 am

Audrey began to stir in her sleep. She felt something soft against her face. She opened her eyes to reveal her spider boyfriend, who was sound asleep. His arms were wrapped around her waist. Angel turned over and let go of Audrey. She took the opportunity to get ready for the day ahead of her.

She picked out a unique white dress with lace in the form of branches and flowers.

She picked out a unique white dress with lace in the form of branches and flowers

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(She is wearing this, suck it up!)

Audrey was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she felt the urge to vomit. She spit out what was in her mouth and rinsed her mouth out before the urge got stronger. She heard Angel get up from bed, "Hey Ads, you awake?" He yelled from her bedroom, he was probably looking for his clothes. "Yeah, I'm in the bathroom. Can you come here please?"

Before he had time to get his short shorts on, he heard Audrey ask for him again. When Angel opened the bathroom door Audrey was leaning over the toilet, emptying out what ever was in her stomach. Angel grabbed Audrey's hair to keep it out of her face. He waited for her to finish so he could comfort her.

When she was finally done Angel helped her clean herself up, careful as to not get any vomit on her dress. "You ok Ads?" He wiped off the last bit of vomit from her face before leading her to sit on her stool by her vanity mirror. "I don't know Ang. I really don't." Audrey grabbed one of many hair brushes and handed one to Angel, which he gladly took and began brushing her hair. "Okay, it's been going on for a while, I don't know what to do. I'm guessing if it's what I think it is. My grandfather will kill me!" Angel raised an eyebrow in confusion and tilted his head to the left a little. "Well, if you remember what I said last night Ads, I'd drop everything and anything I'm doing to raise a family with you. I wanted to marry you when we were alive, but it was my fault for using you the way I did. I never forgave myself for it. It hurt me when you found out, although you did beat the shit out of me.' Audrey laughed at that memory. 'You gave me a second chance Ads, I'm glad you did. And if you do end up having my kid, I'd stay by your side the entire time. That's a promise." He finished brushing Audrey's hair, it felt smooth like silk.

Angel walked to her bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. "Ah ha!" He found something. A pregnancy test. Audrey had them for some reason, she didn't know why. Audrey looked nervous as she saw the unused test in Angel's hand. "Wanna try, just in case?" Angel extends his arm and Audrey takes the test. "If Anastasia is in the kitchen making breakfast, can you please bring me some? I'm getting kinda hungry." Angel nodded and left for the kitchen to bring Audrey some food.

With Alastor and (Y/n)

Alastor slowly opened his eyes, he felt breathing on his neck. He carefully looked down to see (Y/n) sound asleep, she was safely secure in his arms. Alastor gently traced one of the hickeys he left on (Y/n)'s collarbone. Even though the traced over it, (Y/n) began to wake up from the light pressure. She opened her eyes and looked into her husband's eyes. "Morning, my radio." Alastor smiled and placed a strand of (Y/n)'s hair behind her ear. "Good morning, my darling fawn." His voiced was hushed, careful as to try and not wake up anyone else in the house. He kissed her forehead, even though she gave off a natural below zero body temperature, she smiled.

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