days off

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You felt the sunlight hit your skin causing your eyes to flutter open.

You rolled over, hitting your girlfriend's chest in the process. You heard a whine leave her lips and you muttered an apology followed by a kiss to her cheek.

You saw a cute little smile tug at her lips before she opened her eyes. "Morning" she said as she stretched out her limbs. "Good morning!"

Ashley giggled at how happy you were. She felt the same way, honestly, even if she was too tired to show it quite yet.

It's a day off. A bit of a rare occasion, one you wished came around more often. But still - you were happy, planning to soak in every single second with her.

"What do you wanna do today?" You asked as you started to run your fingers through her hair. You kissed her nose and giggled when she scrunched her nose up, a grin on her face when you pulled away.

"Whatever you want. I just wanna be with you." She wrapped her arms around you and pulled you on top of her. You laughed but put your head on her shoulder. You stared up at her, completely in awe of how beautiful she looked.

Her face was bare. Her lips looked so smooth, so kissable - just like her cheeks. Her eyes were closed but when they were opened they shined so beautifully. Everything about her was truly beautiful.

"Wanna go back to sleep for a little while?" You offered, knowing she's been especially busy lately. She's gotta be worn out and what better way to spend a day off than catching up on some much-needed, and well-deserved, sleep?

"Will you lay with me?" She opened her eyes and ran her fingers across your back. She was marveling in your beauty just like you were with her.

"Of course I will. I won't leave unless you need something." She shook her head and closed her eyes again. "The only thing I need is you."

Her words were starting to become a little slurred, she was starting to fall back asleep.

"Okay." You smiled and put your head down on her chest. The sound of her heartbeat thudded in your ears and your heart was starting to beat in sync with hers.

There was only one better way to spend her day off than catching up on sleep, and that was with you. Whatever she did was always better with you.

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