The Laws Of Love 7

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you, Chapter Seven of The Laws Of Love. Please Enjoy :)

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"Don't cover it," He said while pulling it down with one of his hands, "I think it's really cute."

Instead of dropping his hand and returning it to my side, he lightly drew it across my cheek. Making me blush even harder, if that was even humanly possible. I tried to compress the small smile that was creeping onto my face but, I couldn't. I let it freely slip onto it.

His thumb traced my jawbone and as he seen my smile, the edges of his lips pulled slightly upright before, breaking out  into a breathtaking grin - one that I had never seen.

He stared intently at me, different emotions flashing quickly in his eyes. I tried to interpret them as quickly as I could but, they seemed to whiz by with lightening speed.

The room was completely quiet, the only thing I could hear was pounding of my racing heart thumping violently against my chest. I wonder if he could hear it?

Questions bombarded my mind. Why was he doing this? Was it a trick? I've known him for a little longer than a week and I haven't seen this side of him, let alone the side of him that made me catch my breath. I broke out of my reverie as he leaned forward slowly and stealthily. If I hadn't been staring him I wouldn't have even noticed.

The emotion in his eyes - whichever one it was, danced wildly and made my heart beat even more rapidly than before. The smile that had covered his face before, slowly closed as the space between us grew shorter.

The hand that was still placed on my side, wrapped around my waist and he placed it on the small of my back, pulling me gently closer to him. His other hand still caressed my cheek, lighting it on fire just by the simple contact of his skin.My eyes widened suddenly at the spark that I'd never felt before rushed through veins.

I glanced at his lips but, soon returned my eyes to his. Both of us stuck in some kind of trance. I couldn't look away, even if I wanted to.

Our lips were merely centimeters away, as our bodies were almost completely touching. All of the places that were touching or even grazed by him were on fire. I nervously licked my lips in anticipation.

As my chest made contact with his, I could immediately feel his heart thumping away as fast as mine.

His head cocked to the side and I slowly did the same. Our eyes still wide open, waiting, watching the others actions.

His eyes searched mine asking for permission, almost. I didn't reply, I didn't gesture. Our closeness affecting my thinking process. Did I really want his kiss? Did I really want his touch?

I tried to answer those questions but, more plagued my mind.

Was this okay? He's my dad's employee. Was I suppose to be doing this? My father would be so ashamed of me.

My heart beat still rapidly thumped away, telling me which to choose.

I debated internally before, I knew what had to be done.

I chose my mind over my heart. It was the logical choice. Where was this really going anyway? It's not even like we get along.

I regrettably pushed Rian back. His hands still in their same positions. He was already kneeling on my bed in front of me.

His eyes dropped, looking down at my bedspread.

"Rian..?" I asked, sounding incredibly weak.

"No, it's okay." He said quickly and looking up at me with smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"No, it's not okay. W-what was that about?" I asked rather calmly and surprised at my own forwardness.

He stayed silent, with his head slightly bowing down.

"When I-I'm around you....I just..." He took in a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair.

He shook his head to himself.

"I....I...nevermind." He replied with his head slightly bowed.

"You what?" I asked, honestly wanting to know.

"It doesn't matter anyway." He said while standing up and straighting his shirt out.

A  wave of disappointment washed over me knowing that I wouldn't be getting an answer from him.

I quickly gathered myself and plastered on a fake smile. "Okay, whatever." I tried to act normal but, I just felt down for the count.

Before he could reply, I jumped up and shooed him out of the door, so I could get ready.

I closed my door, locking it and then leaned my back against it.

Sliding down it and resting on the floor.

What is wrong with me?


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