Chapter 1

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-I Miss You Newt-



I lost my ability. I keep trying to bend any element, but nothing happened. This is going to be hard. I've nothing to use to defend myself.

A while after, Janson enters the room. He pinned me against the wall. "I've always wanted to do this with you... you're driving me crazy, sweetheart..." he said. Being defenseless, all I could do is cry and cry as I try to push him away.

Ava enters the room and safe me. Then she leads me to the room where Minho is. Then the next thing I know... everything went into chaos.

Newt and the others came to rescue us. After we manage to leave the factory, I feel my power flowing back in. I use it to destroy the building. To end everything with W.I.C.K.E.D.

End of dreams

I wake up from that dream. It was the same dream I've been having for the past year. It's been going on for a while and it scares me every time.

I sit up in my bed and cry as I hug my knees. One thing from my dream have came true. I can't use any of my element control. It scares me. "What if Janson did come and try to do things to me?" But what if they don't come to safe me?" "What if they give up?" So many what if's. It scares me even more each time. But I try not to let those thoughts corrupts my mind. I'm sure that they will come... that Newt will save me from this hell hole. He will come... I know he will.

Newt... I believe in you... I know you won't give up on me... please come and rescue me

Newt P.O.V

I lay on my back inside the tent we've set up. I stare at the ceiling. My hand went up to my neck. Feeling the familiar rough surface of a necklace. This is the necklace Y/N have given to me on the day we got separated. I still remember that day, as if it just happened recently.

I will stop at nothing to save you, Y/N... Minho. I will come and rescue both of you. My beloved girl and my best friend.

I'm coming, Y/N... wait for me...

Time skip

I'm sitting on the edge of my bed. I got startled when the door swung open. I turn my head to see a guard, he's carrying a tray of food and place it on the desk they that they placed in this room.

"Lunch time... eat up!" He said. "Where's Minho?" I asks. "It's not my place to answer you..." he said in a cold tone. I look away from him. Then he leaves the room. I can hear his footsteps becomes faint, letting me know that he's no longer around. I stand up and walks towards the table. I observe the food and take a sit on the chair.

I start to eat the food, gagging at the taste. It tastes so bad... but I force myself to keep eating it. I don't have a choice. I can't let myself get starved. I will have no energy and it will be a lot easier for them to try something on me. I have to be on guard at all caused.

After I'm done eating. I went back to my bed and sit down. 'When will I able to leave this place? I miss Newt... I wonder what's he's doing right now. Is he thinking about me? Is he trying to save me? Or has he given up on me...

I let out a sigh and lay on my back. I stare at the ceiling. Then turn my head, to look at a security camera. I know fully well someone is watching my every move right now.

I wish I have my power. It will be very easy for me to get rid of those assholes. I let out another sigh and close my eyes, letting myself drift off to sleep. Going to the same dream, the same dream that I've been having for these pasts months since I've been here.

Janson P.O.V

I watch Y/N from the security camera. I smirk to myself. "One day sweetheart... one day I will have you... you will be mine..." I said to myself. I can feel the urge surging in me.

I have to be careful. Ava is watching my every move. She warns me not to do a thing towards her. If she find out, I will be in serious trouble for it. So I have to think carefully.

One day... you're going to be mine, Y/N...

*to be continued*

A/N: finally! A sequel. This is the third and final book of the Maze Runner series. I haven't really watched the movie, so I'll just make things up and make my own version.

If any of you are confused, here's a brief explanation for this chapter:
- the last chapter on The Scorch Trials is actually a fragment of Y/N's dream.
- because she lost her ability, she became very anxious and paranoid... and this leads her into having the same dream over and over again. Of almost getting raped.
- the dream of destroying the building pictures her strong wish of wanting to leave W.I.C.K.E.D and her desire to put everything to an end.

Thank you so much for the wait and I hope you like it! Pleaaaasee support me!!!!

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