"Mom. Prep schools are for those stupid stuck up rich kids," I complained in the back of a limo.

            "Honey, they are not stupid. Have you even looked at the pamphlets I've given to you?"

            I glanced down and there it was: "Cambridge Preparatory Academy. Home of future CEOs."

            "Yeah well, I still don't get why I have to go to this stupid school. The public school was fine the last time I checked," I crossed my arms turning away from her.

            "That school recently had 20 kids suspended due to alcohol consumption and 10 for the possession of drugs, plus you're marks have been dropping and you act out, a lot. I just couldn't risk that Kylie."

            Of course my parents would enrol me in a business school. I was expected to take over RIM, the founder of Blackberry, after my parents retire. What makes them think I even want to go into business in the first place?

            "Anyways, Kane will be there with you. So you have nothing to worry about," My mom said reassuringly.

            "Mom, you think I associate myself with Kane? I see him 2 times a year, I don't even like him," I said stubbornly.

            "Kylie, he's your step-brother," she stated, "and unlike you, he has a 4.0 grade average." Nerd.

            I rolled my eyes, "yeah well, I go to school in Canada."

            "Now you don't," she simply stated while checking her Blackberry.

            The limo came to a complete stop.

            "Here goes the beginning of Cambridge STUPID Preparatory Academy. School of stupid people," I said grabbing my Coach bag and registration package.

            My mom shook her head, "Kylie, please behave. For me."

            "Fine," I said getting out of the limo, "but only for you." Slamming the door shut.

            My parents are never home to begin with. They're always away at some business trip or their busy running RIM. Being at a Boarding/Prep school would be no different, I won't see them anyways.  


            I opened the door to room 3226. It was surprisingly nice for a dorm room. With two other beds on the other side, it was considerably big.

           I put my stuff down by my Louis Vuitton suit case. That's when I saw the perfectly ironed uniform on my bed. The outfit consisted of a white polo, a navy blue blazer, a plaid skirt and white knee high socks. Oh the joy of attending a prep school.

            My head perked up as the door of the bathroom opened.

            It was Kane. In nothing but a towel around his waist.

            "Ew! Kane, put some clothes on you ugly piece of shit!" I screamed shielding my blue eyes.

            Okay that was a lie. His body looks like it belongs to an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue and his face deserves to be on GQ. Light brown hair with chocolate brown eyes. Yum.

            He laughed, "Hey to you too step-sis." Okay. If he wasn't my step-brother, I would totally stare and drool. But since he is pretty much family, I really can't. It'd be like incest.

            "God why are you even here? I thought I would have two blond bimbos for roommates."

            "Just like you right?" his eyebrows raised with a smirk on his face.

            "Funny, I am not a bimbo"

            "Really, because your blond hair just screams stupid" he teased coming out of the closet with a white t-shirt and basketball shorts.

            How dare he, "You're about to die soon Kane."

            "I'm joking Kylie," Yeah, bull.

            "Be right back." I said  grabbing my bag about to leave the room.

            "Where are you going?" Kane asked with a smile on his face.

            "The Headmaster's office. Shit's going down,"


            "HOW AM I IN A BOYS DORM?!" I screamed loudly. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. Really, I wouldn't mind being in a boys dorm, but I want to get out of here. Pissing off the headmaster is the easiest way to get suspended.

            "Do I look like a boy to you? Okay maybe my legal name is actually Kyle, but that's because my parents thought I was a boy before I was born. You know, turns out I didn't have a penis. So they kept it, and now I go by Kylie," True story.

            He gave me a look that insisted his luck that I was not his daughter, "Look Miss. McKinnon, you're parents actually requested for you to be in the same room as Mr. Kane Crosby. He's your step-brother, correct?"

            I nodded. Did my parents think I'll  behave with Kane? Sure he's Mr. Perfect, but he won't change my ways. "What, is he suppose to act as my babysitter or something? WE"RE THE SAME AGE!"

            "Miss. McKinnon, it's not my choice. You're parents insisted for you to stay with Mr. Crosby. They said he will help you make the right choices,"

            "Make the right choices? What am I, five?"



            "Fine!" I stood up walking towards the door, "but you can tell my parents that I plan on sleeping with every guy in my dorm." Lie, but he doesn't know that.

            "Miss. McKinnon, I'm afraid that won't be tolerated. But while we're on the topic of rules, you might want to take this book on rules and regulations of Cambridge Predatory Academy. Breaking these rules will result in severe and very serious consequences."

            Dude, I'm trying to make a dramatic exit here. Way to ruin it.

            "Thanks," I mumbled snatching the novel out of him hands.            

            "By the way, I hope you know how lucky you are to even be attending this school. We don't usually deal with troubled students," He said giving me a fake smile.

            This guy's just asking for it.

            I gave him a fake smile, "I'm honoured."

            If karma's a bitch and revenge is sweet, then I'll be sweetest bitch you'll ever meet.


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